Former ‘DWTS’ Contestants Allege The Show Is ‘Rigged’

Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy from the DWTS instagram page

Is there something a little dishonest going on behind the scenes at Dancing With The Stars?

Each and every year, disgruntled fans claim the show is rigged when their favorite candidates receive less than favorable scores. But the accusations carry a little more weight when they come from former contestants.

A recent runner-up recently shared his thoughts on the situation and earnestly believes he was robbed of the Mirrorball Trophy. What exactly happened?

A DWTS Runner-Up Has Negative Feelings About His Season

Former DWTS pro Cheryl Burke went on to launch the Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans podcast after retiring from the show. It’s caused quite a bit of controversy, even to the point where Cheryl admits it’s damaged her relationship with the DWTS exec team. 

It was always the podcast’s goal to shine a light on injustices Cheryl encountered in the ballroom. And it appears that one of her recent guests has a shocking story to share of his own.

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That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey appeared on Cheryl’s podcast earlier in May. And according to him, there’s quite a bit of dishonesty in the ballroom.

“All I’m going to say is that in my season, you know, one of the other contestants had a mishap in,” the former Disney Channel star shared. He informed listeners that his mother saw the live broadcast in the Eastern time zone. When the episode aired on the West Coast, this alleged “mishap” was absent from the episode.

“It was edited out, perfect tens,” Massey continued.


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It appears he was speaking of the Season 11 champion, Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey. She and her partner Derek Hough won the Mirrorball Trophy, while Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer finished in second place.

“It was crazy. I just couldn’t believe that they did that. You know, that was my first flag as like, OK,” Massey added.

Another Contestant Shares A Similar Story

Many former DWTS contestants express how much their time on the show meant to them. But it’s not always a positive experience. Actor Joey Lawrence finished in third place during Season 3 and shared his own experience on his own podcast, Brotherly Love.

“I feel that there was always a lot of debate as to how much finagling was going on behind the scenes,” Joey told his brothers, Matthew and Andrew. “You know, whether the audience vote and the judges’ votes, then the producers. I mean, there was certainly a scenario there that played out.”

“It was rigged,” Matthew confirmed.

However, it’s also worth noting that Matthew Lawrence was formerly married to Cheryl Burke. The Lawrence family may have negative feelings about the show stemming from Matthew and Cheryl’s divorce while she was still on the show.

What do you think about these allegations? Do you think Dancing With The Stars has been rigged in the past? Share your own ideas in the comments.

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