‘Gold Rush’ Fred Lewis Hints He Won’t Be In Season 15?

Fred Lewis - Gold Rush YouTube

Gold Rush fans don’t think that Fred Lewis is a good miner, and now they suspect he might not return for Season 15 of the Discovery Channel show. He missed time on the show in the past, but he popped up after five episodes in Season 14. At the time, he looked for work, but Parker Schnabel had no vacancies.

Fred Lewis Unpopular With The Crew & Fans

The workers were happy to see the back of Fred Lewis after his first two seasons on the Discovery Channel. Many of them complained to Rick Ness about the way he worked with them. It was Buzz who moved to Rick’s team and claimed that working for Lewis seemed like Hell. His unprofitable efforts also made it seem that he had bad luck.

Fred Lewis from Gold Rush | YouTube
Fred Lewis – Gold Rush – Discovery Channel – YouTube

Fred Lewis debuted on the show in 2020, but even after four years, the veteran medic hasn’t done all that well. So, a lot of critics who watch Gold Rush think he’ll never make it. While they appreciate that he employs other vets, they also think he’s too proud to humble himself and take instruction from more experienced miners on the Discovery channel.

Gold Rush Fans Think Fred’s Not Returning

On Tuesday this week, the so-called “Hobby MIner” shared some photos on Instagram, and he was busy with a new venture. In his caption, the Gold Rush star  said:

So cool to be amongst all this history and beauty on the hunt for gold like so many in the past. We all traveled so far and overcame obstacles, but now we are here! Tomorrow we build the plant and pump the ponds! I’ll bring Starlink to the mine and do live updates with you throughout the day! Will the pump make the hill? Will the SD-300 gobble all the gold! We hunt for virgin ground and steady gold, let’s go!!!

Gold Rush Star Fred Lewis Reveals New Mining Venture - Instagram
Gold Rush Star Fred Lewis Reveals New Mining Venture – Instagram

Fans on the platform questioned Fred leaking spoilers for the next season. Also, several of them thought that it indicated he wouldn’t return for Season 15. On Reddit, an OP who shared about the post, also thought the same thing. They wrote:

Fred Lewis returns to mining in 2024! If you check Fred’s instagram he’s setting up a new gold mining camp. Doesn’t look like he’s going to be on the show. Fair play to Fred for trying to prove people wrong about the idea that he was only able to come back because of Discovery money. Do I think he will succeed? Not really…Looks like Fred has managed to get hold of a decent wash plant for once!

Discovery Channel Fans Discuss The Mining Venture

Some viewers believed that Fred Lewis might not return to the next season of Gold Rush, and others hoped he wouldn’t. Here are some of those comments:

  • I hope he finds joy and success in whatever he does. As long as he isn’t on the show anymore because he makes modding here miserable.
  • Tbh if he had a 1000-1500 ounce season I’d be fine with bringing him back, but it’s Fred so that’s not happening lol.
  • Fred needed to work on someone’s crew for longer. He still seems to have very little idea what he’s doing and he’s not gonna succeed until he figures it out.
  • They’ve already said he won’t be on the show.
  • I’d rather suffer through 10 hrs of…Hoffmans instead of 10 seconds of Fred.

What are your thoughts about Fred Lewis revealing what’s happening with his mining venture? It seems like a spoiler, and usually, the Discovery Channel stars are careful not to drop them. Do you agree it sounds like he may not return for Season 15 of the show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Gold Rush news.

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