Looks Like ‘Gold Rush’ Season 15 Will Have Four Teams

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On Friday, Gold Rush Season 14 ended, but fans of the Discovery gold mining series are already talking about Season 15. Although the network has not made an official announcement, there seems to be no reason why fans should be concerned about a return.

The Gold Rush brand is flourishing, with spinoffs including Parker’s Trail, which is headed to Brazil this year. Don’t forget White Water, America’s Backyard Gold, and Hoffman Family Gold. There is no end in sight for gold fever and gold-related series. Therefore, fans of the OG should feel secure that the Mothership is returning. Moreover, they can already start to plan for Season 15.

Thanks to the final episode, these armchair gold enthusiasts may have a glimpse of what they should expect in the upcoming season. That includes the probability of four teams mining.

What could Gold Rush Fans expect in Season 15?

Gold Rush - used with Discovery's permission
Rick Ness Gold Rush – used with Discovery’s permission

Did Gold Rush Season 14 Finale Indicate Four Teams For Season 15?

After Gold Rush Season 14 showed the final gold weigh-ins, it seemed that they set up for Season 15. Rick Ness got his redemption. He surpassed his 1,000-ounce gold goal. Most importantly, he paid the landowner, demonstrating he was a man of his word. After taking a year off due to mental health issues, as well as addiction issues, he sold his mom’s house and forged ahead.

Next, Ness assembled a brand new Team Rally and dealt with the challenges that a meager budget can bring when you are trying to put some gold in your pocket. But, Season 15 is not going to be an easy street. Rick still has to do better than break even so he can build up his equipment arsenal to mine more gold.

Next, Parker surpassed his 5,000 ounces of gold goal by nearly 150 percent. Now that he invested a staggering $15 million buying Dominion Creek, he no longer has to shell out 20 percent of his hard-earned gold to pay the landowner.

Most importantly, they started prepping the land for next season. That not only means that Parker and his team will be back, but they intend on weighing a lot of gold starting their first week back in the Yukon.

Next is Tony Beets. This was a tough season. On one hand, some of the water rights issues were resolved. However, when his son Kevin Beets decided to take the year off, this spelled disaster. Kevin’s return was the only reason The Viking could somewhat salvage his season. But, he made a promise to his son that he has to keep.

Lastly, Brian McCaughan and family weighed in more gold than Rick Ness. However, it does not appear that he will be back for Season 15.

Minnie and Tony Beets from Gold Rush / YouTube
Minnie and Tony Beets from Gold Rush / YouTube

Who Will Likely Be The Fourth Team For Season 15?

In the finale episode of Gold Rush Season 14, Discovery seemed to set up something for Season 15. For the past few years, they have tried to add new people to mine such as Fred Lewis. That proved to make viewers unhappy. But, they may finally have a new solution.

Thanks to Tony and Kevin’s deal, there seems to be something new happening in the long-running series. In Season 15, Kevin Beets is going to mine his own claim. Discovery loves those father-son competitions. Most of all, Discovery fans love the Beets family.

Therefore, it seems likely that Discovery’s fourth team this upcoming season will be Kevin Beets’ team.

Kevin Beets Gold Rush - YouTube
Kevin Beets Gold Rush – YouTube

Gold Rush fans, what teams do you think will be featured in Season 15? Please share your predictions below.

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