‘Gold Rush’ Bringing ‘Parker’s Trail’ Instead Of More ‘White Water’

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In the middle of the current Gold Rush White Water season, Discovery Channel stopped with almost no warning. Even the show’s creator was shocked and showed frustration with the decision. Now, Discovery has announced what will come after this season of Gold Rush ends – and it isn’t the second half of the White Water season.

Here is what is coming and why Gold Rush fans are mad.

Gold Rush bringing more Parker’s Trail instead of White Water

Instead of finishing the current Gold Rush White Water season, which has already been filmed in its entirety and is just waiting to air on Discovery Channel, Parker’s Trail will get a new season when the current season of Gold Rush ends.

Gold Rush only has a few episodes left and Discovery Channel has already spoiled its ending. According to the press release from Discovery, Parker’s new land lease in the Yukon was a complete wash and he is trying to rebound and find something new to get him back on top again.

Parker Schnabel - YouTube

This means when Gold Rush ends its current season, there will be a new Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail that starts up immediately after that wraps. Parker Schnabel is heading to South America to find gold down there. Past seasons saw Parker go to Klondike Trail, Australia’s Victoria, Queensland, Guyana, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Western Australia.

Now, he will head to South America. The season starts on Friday, April 7, at 9/8c. Parker and his crew will start off in Peru before moving on to Madre Di Dios, Peru’s La Rinconada, and Bolivia. The goal is to find $100 million in gold.

Fans want more Gold Rush White Water

While a new season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trails is exciting, and should be fun to watch, it comes at the expense of Gold Rush White Water. The show was taken off the air in January with almost no notice, angering producer Tim Dalby.

Tim said at the time that it was put on hiatus, despite airing half the episode already, until the new fiscal year. This was apparently done to push off the expenses until next year for tax purposes. The numbers don’t go on the books until the shows air.

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Tim also said that he was mad because the show was getting great ratings. Once it comes back, who will remember what had happened up to that time? Without Gold Rush ahead of it, the ratings might fall as well.

Fans threatened to boycott Discovery Channel because of the move. “This is the only show the Discovery side has that I still care about. I don’t watch anything else they make so when it’s over… I’m out,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Are you still mad that Gold Rush White Water is not returning yet to finish its season? Will you watch Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail instead and just wait? Let us know in the comments below.

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