‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Fans Threatening To Boycott Discovery

Gold Rush White Water on Discovery - episode screencap

Gold Rush: White Water fans are not happy. The show opened the new season playing back-to-back with the OG Gold Rush. However, halfway through the season, Warner Bros-Discovery made the controversial move to stop the new episodes. Now, they are putting them off for a few months.

This has not made fans happy and the move has many contemplating boycotting Discovery Plus as a result.

Why did Discovery put Gold Rush: White Water on hiatus?

The news that Discovery suddenly put Gold Rush: White Water on hiatus in the middle of the season came when producer Tim Dalby announced it on social media. Dalby was shocked that the network made the move and he was not happy about it. According to the producer, the network took the show off the air for the next three months in the middle of the season.

Gold Rush White Water - episode screencap

There was also no notice for fans who followed it every week. Tim said that the network did it to save money – even though the show is already paid for and finished. It just has to air. However, the way the business works is that the network can keep something “off the books” until it airs on TV. Tim said the show would not return until the “new financial year in April.”

It seems like another way that Warner Bros-Discovery has played with its financials for tax purposes. They also canceled a completed movie and can not release it ever now because they used it as a tax write-off. That movie was a DC Comics release in Batgirl. While they might be saving some money on taxes as they get finances in order, fans are not happy about it.

Gold Rush White Water episode screencap

Fans threaten to boycott Discovery Plus

When it comes to the fans, saving money and putting a show on hiatus in the middle of the season was insulting to the fans. “Warner Disney are greedy corporate profiteering scum and this proves it. they care only about their money not the artist, actors , workers or audience,” one fan wrote in response to the news.

Tim mentioned himself, saying that “the series has been rating well again and this rather short-sighted move will obviously harm that.” One fan asked why the network would pull a highly-rated show in the middle of the season. They said that people pay for Discovery+ and it sounds like the people’s money isn’t enough for the network to care about making them happy.

Gold Rush: White Water has a nugget of a story tonight.  Pic credit: Discovery

Some fans believed that this season of Gold Rush: White Water was better than Gold Rush and now they have to wait to continue the story for months. “White water has been intense this season and you just stop showing it in the middle of the season?” one fan complained. “Makes me not want to invest my time in discovery shows ever again.”

Another fan mentioned that when it comes to companies like Warner Bros-Discovery, they don’t care about anything but the bottom line. More so, they have no care at all for the fans who pay money for their service. Finally, one fan put it bluntly and clearly. “You don’t cut a program mid-season and leave your viewers hanging,” they wrote. “What’s next charge us extra to watch on plus. Ignore the viewers and soon they will ignore you.”

Are you angry about Gold Rush: White Water going on hiatus in the middle of the season? Would you consider a boycott of Discovery+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Canceling Gold Rush White water in the middle of the series was very disappointing.
    What gets me is Fred is still on Gold Rush and I fast foreword when he’s on.
    I’m a prospector in NM and I’m also a Vietnam combat veteran. I don’t talk about that and sick of hearing about Fred and his crew being combat veterans.

    1. I have been watching Gold Rush since it first aired. Gold Rush White Water was my favorite series.
      What has possessed Discovery? I searched for White Water for an hour before I saw that it has been cancelled. No more Discovery for me. If I don’t start watching I won’t miss it when it is decided stop airing a series.
      Still can’t believe what WB did. Boycott is a good word.

      1. I suspect Justin throwing the generator was his reaction to being told the show has been cancelled. Pretty damned poor. The executive producers would’ve known this was coming.

        1. All the other shows are crap white water was the only one worth watching. I’ll give you until April if white water doesn’t return I cancel the discovery channel.

      2. I agree a 100% favorite show by far! They have destroyed gold rush only watch Parker fast forward through the rest of the terrible show! things sure not the same nothing beats white water bring it back or goin to lose another watcher.

      3. Boycott is what a lot of people should do. I cannot believe that Tim had the gall to take that shell off the air. There has to be something that we as patrons that watch the history channel on a regular basis should be able to do to force it back on. I really miss the show, it was the best.

      4. I will boycott everything warner brothers from now on . Greedy greedy greedy white water is so much more of a show than parker and the beets family

      5. I agree. I was so upset I canceled discovery plus until it comes back. It’s the only thing worth watching these days anyway a lot of what I watch is on other channels and is more current. Anyone else canceled?

      6. Kayla is a bitch and I hate watching her and I am a woman. She lied the last episode we watched and she is definitely not sincere. I wouldn’t want her on my team and I would never be on her team. I can’t stand to watch her to be honest. She has not made the show better. I’m sure I’m not the only viewer that thinks shes a detriment.

      7. I watch the show even in reruns. I think some rich people want more money. should be boycott on this deal.im even thinking about canceling my TV service. can’t even finish my comment for ads popping in the way.

      1. I will be canceling my discovery plus subscription soon as this season of Gold Rush is over. Oh and get rid of Fred and his clown crew, their a joke!! You pull Gold Rush WW and keep airing Fred the f#*k up? Cmon now…

    2. I only watch WW. The other with Parker is just BORING.
      This is not the first time Discovery has messed up the programming with WW.

      Maybe I am done too.

      1. Honestly i think the IRS needs to investigate them for “Cooking” their books which is what they are doing saying a movie was a loss without ever releasing it and manipulating their schedule for tax purposes. Im canceling my discovery + and hbo max

    3. So they cancel the good show and keep all these other crap shows on. I mean really 85% of the shit they have sucks bad. White water keeps me here but that might change now. Discovery producers suck ass.

    4. Is there anything we can do to stop what Disney has done? I have been watching this show for the past five this will be the sixth season and I find it very disheartening that a Tim did not notify the public what he was doing. Don’t we matter we are the people who watch the show. We are the people who paid for the television program and we are the people who should have a say in it.

    5. I completely agree with everything you said. They have completely screwed Discovery plus up. Sounds like they took a page out of the Boeing greed playbook.

  2. YOU all up there in Discovery Land should be Ashame of your self,,,,,
    Cut a Show in the middle of the Season,,, YOU ALL GOT MOREMONEY!!!

  3. I have been watching Gold Rush since it first aired. Gold Rush White Water was my favorite series.
    What has possessed Discovery? I searched for White Water for an hour before I saw that it has been cancelled. No more Discovery for me. If I don’t start watching I won’t miss it when it is decided stop airing a series.
    Still can’t believe what WB did. Boycott is a good word.

    1. John,a lot of us are on board also,I totally agree with you guys,I have also been tooling forward to the other episodes,and fast forward through most of og gold rush as a result

  4. I was already upset with Discovery+ over not offering some series until the whole season had aired on cable. This is the last straw. I just canceled Discovery+ and will go back to recording on Hulu.

  5. NFL players decide to kneel during National Anthem exhibiting total disrespect to service men and women’s sacrifices. So after 50 loyal years I boycott the NFL, and don’t miss it. Same with Discovery, postpone my favorite show for their own greed, and expect me to just sit and take it? I’m done with Discovery like the NFL and not coming back.

    1. We too boycotted the NFL, haven’t watched a game since Krapperdick took a knee and they did nothing about it. If discovery is making so much money they stop airing White Water so they can have tax write offs then I can write off Discovery and put it where I put the NFL, they care more about their profits then they do about their viewers. Good riddance discovery, you won’t have to worry about making too much money off me.

  6. We don’t watch much TV, but the Whitewater gold rush was one we watched faithfully. It’s very disappointing and we will not be watching Discovery until the Gold Rush Whitewater returns! I will keep reviewing the news until we see it again.

    You have a clean and wholesome family show that shows how hard Americans will work for freedom of self-employment. Not many shows like this anymore. Perhaps you will change your format to murder & violence, that seems to be a moneymaker!

    Again corporate screws it up. It’s all about the money

    Think about who pays for your company to survive in business.

  7. I love all the gold rush series, and I have for years have always looked forward to Friday night gold rush shows. The sad thing is they take it away with no word, and I have to go to the net for answers. I pay for the Discovery app, you would think they would let the customers know the change they want to make to their customers. Explaining why, especially in the middle of the season. I pay for a service, so when there is a change in my services I expect to be notified. No excuse for this!!!!!!!

    1. 100% growing hatred for Discovery due to this. Last 2 weeks when I tried to watch the show and it wasn’t there was really disappointing.

      1. I agree, W.B. better get their crap together! I’m All for boycotting W.B. and anyone else in their poor judgement of taking G.R. Whitewater off the air til April. Let’s Boycott em’!

    2. Well they most likely thought people wouldn’t notice or think who the heck knows what they actually thought but it’s a shame they did just stop airing it and not say anything I was looking and waiting for it so I’m glad I have the internet to look or I would still be wondering what happened to it. But I like all the gold rush shows

  8. I am so irritated. Waiting to see how the season would end. I may cancel discovery plus. It was the only gold hunting show I enjoyed.

  9. It’s ridiculous to stop airing a show right in the middle of the season. Sounds like Gold Rush white water should switch networks.

      1. This will probably end Gold Rush like pushing Big Chief out of Street Outlaws has done. The original GR is kinda crap this year and Whitewater was the only thing keeping Discovery+ on my TV. Out of Principle I’ll be moving on. Don’t care how Parker’s season goes or care to button endlessly on a crap app.

  10. I’ve been watching Gold Rush since the first season that is the only reason I pay for discovery and now in the middle of a season you’re going to stop running Gold Rush White Water don’t understand why you would do something like that to your viewers and people who pay monthly to watch that show only I think y’all should need to put it back on air

  11. Not OK Discovery, look forward to Gold Rush White Water over the winter but don’t think I’ll come back to it in the spring, plenty of other things to do.

  12. I must say, Gold Rush White Water is the greatest show ever to hit the TV screen. For Discovery / Warner Bros to cancel the shows halfway through the series is ludicrous! I will go out of my way to avoid watching any Discovery / Warner Bros media unless they realize their mistake and get this rectified immediately. Tax cuts and profits should not be a driver for decisions on improving the organization’s customer experience!

  13. I have been watching all the Gold rush series for years. I have never missed an episode. Also, I remember every single episode. This mid season pause B.S. is just another in a long line of Warner screwups. You want to fix money problems fine. Step one, quit doing stupid crap and listen to your public. Two, quit thinking you know what the populace wants and actually listen for once. Three, quit pissing off the people who pay your bills.

  14. well I agree with all these faithful watchers of gr whitewater,whom ever responsible for this has no mind for viewers,I would’ve never believed this would happen on discovery ch,I’ve been watching (discovery)since the it first came out on the old satellite dishes, terrible thing has been done

  15. I’ve been a Discovery+ subscriber for over 2 years.
    I watch White Water Gold religiously and to stop airing Shows mid season is Outrageous.
    Especially with No Notice of the occurrence.
    I’m consisting canceling my subscription because I only Watch 2 show to begin with.

  16. Seems like we paid for something we arent getting, so guessing this could be a VERY LARGE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I pay for their service so I can see gold rush white water. Gold rush is a secondary show for me. I don’t turn the TV on daily I only have a few shows that I am interested in and that means the number one show out of three, the top show for me that drives me to pay for the service just ended with no warning. I think the fans need to hold them accountable for taking money from viewers then not giving them what they paid for. It seems pretty clear to me none of that matters to corporate members. In my opinion the one that made this decision should be fired contract or not no bonuses either. They are still getting paid without fulfillment of their obligations. seems like a good base for heading to court over this.
      As long as these big corporations continue to get away with this as so many do, the others will do the same because they know they can get away with it.
      What a shame.

  17. I hope this doesn’t make the shows ratings look bad when it does resume…..I vicariously enjoy every minute of their struggle to find large amounts of Gold..

  18. I’m cancelling Discovery +. Taking Gold Rush White Water off in the middle of the season is an outrageous a slap in the face of us fans who have been soooooo loyal over the years, and love that show so much. See ya Discovery +. You’ve just lost another loyal customer……

  19. I’m certainly not happy about Discovery canceling Gold Rush White Water in the middle of the season. As a Fan, I wonder how Discovery will fell when they Discover Bankruptcy?

  20. horseshit ! they’re going to lose a lot of customers a lot of people like me only have discover channel for the Friday night Gold Rush and now they’re messing with it it’s horseshit.

  21. wow really good this year thats what you call gutsy gold miners loved them all all the years ive been watching and discovery your stupid its one of your better shows they mix it up always good discovery you need to change your management there stupid and dont know shit /??????????? come on now bring it back stupid move

  22. what a stupid move. Profits over customer service. That’s the American way these days.
    You should be ashamed.
    Dennis & Kathy

  23. My wife and I love Gold Rush Whitewater, we especially liked watching it back to back with Gold Rush. The fact that they’re playing games like this makes me not want to watch this trash network anymore. Maybe they could sell the rights to a network that’ll air a season in its entirety.

  24. Money grubbing exec thinks nothing about viewers. Let’s show him how his viewers think about paying for Disc + service. I already cancelled mine & wont be back!

  25. I too really look foreward to watching the whitewater show The scenery is beautiful, not just a giant mud hole!

  26. Greed! You have sunk to the level of our politicians, Greedy, self serving and oblivious to your customers. Not just cancel, sell any stock in this greed machine.
    Real slap in the face is looking for it all month just to find what happened. Shameful!

  27. A ploy too, by WB, to ensure that those on a ‘free trial’ will not cancel come subscription time, probably just when the show GRWW returns!
    For those already subscribing, it is a disgraceful way to treat such customers.
    I may just cancel.

  28. I really liked GR Whitewater – was worried something had happened to them to come here and see it was a stupid decision by people who have forgotten how Capitalism really works. Tax cuts be damned .. you just trashed your bottom line and not smart enough to know it. Maybe a few less executives making stupid decisions and your profits would look better!

  29. GRWW is the most interesting show on television. GR is too much drama and not enough real trouble shooting and interesting problem solving like GRWW. I have watched GR deteriorate over the past few years like so many other shows that Disney gets its hands on. I don’t care if I miss episodes of GR, but I never miss episodes of GRWW. I will be canceling my Discovery + and finding other ways to watch GRWW. Disney is the worst thing to happen to entertainment industry.

    1. GR started with small mines and miners. These small miners allowed us to dream vicariously with Dakota Boys Fred and Dustin, Grandpa Schnabel and teenager Parker and his parents, and the Hoffmans. I have watched every episode with the help of my Tivo. But what we have now are mega-miners with operations from Australia to the Yukon. And I hear a new gold show will be starting on megamines outback. Surely this is why the young lady whose name escapes me from Australia has been showing up in regular episodes with no explaination.

      So no more dreaming we may be able to do small scale gold mining some day. Discovery tried to turn Fred Hurt then Tony Beets into villains. But these guys are good old souls with lots of knowledge with interesting character. Then they brought back the Christian miners, the Hoffmans… who disappeared just as quickly. So I’ve been slowly losing interest in GR.

      White Water takes me back to small crews. Operations that don’t requires Millions of dollars. And thats why Bering Sea Gold is so cool too. Some of those people have tried every contraption you can imagine. And they are just cool people. So is Justin and the original Fred. My 2 cents.

  30. Extremely disappointing! White Water is the better show over these past seasons. Its extremely dangerous and is a rush to watch. Regardless of the gold totals, the risk they put in is well respected. Bring it back ASAP Discovery, before we forget and lose interest.

  31. Wow! What a stupid bogus thing to do to all us fans!! I hope u lose all your discovery plus customers!! Whitewater is an awesome show… bring it back! Our household is very upset at this decision from the network!

    1. Can’t believe you stopped gold rush white water in the middle of the season and had to find out on google watched it and gold rush from the start best show out there gutted from uk

  32. Companies like WB/Discovery make their money in advertising (commercials) and on subscriptions (Discovery Plus). I work for a company that sells video on demand platforms. In the past few months, some of my customers, cable TV providers, have seen a mass exodus in subscriber-ship. Not necessarily because every loves GR-WW. But because it’s wrong to do what they’ve done in principal. As for advertising dollars, when the fans leave, the advertisers do as well. And then revenue dries up.

    The experts I’ve talked to all agree that practices such as this will likely be the end of Discovery Plus.

  33. White Water was a far better show than gold rush. The only reason my I put gold rush on was waiting for white water. Discovery has very few, if any shows worth watching. I have a hard time understanding why they would cancel one of if not their best. I’m done with gold rush altogether. Discovery should try to discover new management.

  34. I’m done with the Discovery Channel. The single reason I have The Discovery Channel is to watch Whitewater. Goodbye Discovery!

  35. They lied to the viewers when they took it off the air. Now, everybody believes the reasoning for doing so. Tax reasons is a weak and laughable excuse. More likely there was an injunction to halt the show until some contractual dispute can be resolved. Somebodey is getting screwed. Most likely Justin’s team. Its happenned before. Just another example of how giant media can control what people believe.

  36. I am disgusted at Discovery for this. My son’s and I always look forward to GRWW and for it to be canceled without out warning is an unforgivable action on the part of Discovery. Whoever made this decision should be fired. Hey the show was awesome so let’s cancel it. Ii was all I watched anyway on there….time to uninstall Discovery plus.

  37. Cable TV is too expensive and then this. I only watch Discovery for the Friday GR Whitewater. Thanks for not even telling us. It is now time to move on and shed some of my monthly expenses. Bye Bye Discovery.

  38. Been a loyal viewer of Gold Rush for years, GR Waterwater made my day as a viewer. To end GRWW in the mid season, just wrong. I believe I’ve watched the last of GR, till GR Whitewater returns …….. I’m sure I can find something to watch in the 7 TO 8pm slot Friday nights ! BYE BYE ……..

  39. Discovery acting in this way is like you paying for a house to live in, and half way through the month, the doors are pad locked. “Sorry we decided not to let you stay here the whole month, but we’re keeping the whole month’s rent” see ya!

  40. This is ridiculous. I’ve been looking for weeks for new episodes with no explanation anywhere why there are no new episodes playing.

  41. I pay for discovery+ so I can watch white water and other shows I enjoy. All that’s out there anymore are old episodes of the shows that aired two and three years ago. Considering canceling my plus membership and staying off discovery all together.

  42. Get rid of fred I agree, but try and get Rick back with his crew, I now only watch Parker and Tony, well that’s if they actually show them on screen that is. Just found out about WHITE WATER getting cancelled NOT HAPPY.

  43. I don’t want add to the negativity but there are several 4-letter words I’d like to share with the network over this decision. Just put the shows back on and let the viewers finish the season. There is still time to do the right thing. Air the rest of the season without delay. Please and thank you.

  44. I’ve watched every season of White Water, so very disappointed with discovery network, some corporate nerd found a way to cut expenses at the cost of pissing a bunch of people off, they are true social paths, not giving a dam how their decisions effect others.i will cancel my subscription if they don’t bring it back!

  45. Nobody like the decision to pull the show back, and I agree. Do you want to get their attention? Contact their advertisers and tell them you will not be seeing their advertisements any longer. Their voices speak LOUDLY.

  46. Tony beets and Parker are old news. I still watch them but there’s no excitement no intrigue same same now no dredge no new guy. WTH that was the reason for white water something new and different.

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