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Where Is Parker Schnabel Headed In ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Season 6?

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Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is finally back for Season 6. Where are Parker Schnabel and his crew mining for gold this time around?

We can give you a hint that there is danger lurking everywhere. This includes shady characters, challenging terrain, uncertainty, plus sickness.

However, the gold is good and plentiful, so Parker is venturing forward! There is nothing that will stand between the 28-year-old gold miner and some glittering nuggets.

We have all the details, including the historic trail that the crew is taking, and the Discovery premiere date!

Where Is Schnabel Headed To In Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 6?

Where will Parker and his team mine for gold in Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 6? According to People, it is South America. But the decision to take this risk is based on what is happening back on his claims.

First, we see Parker in Alaska. He has opened a new mine that is not producing what Schnabel is used to. In addition, his Yukon land lease is running out.

Now, Parker is “desperate to find a new path – and redemption – as he travels thousands of miles to South America and the most extreme jungle and mountain goldmines on the planet to try to recover 100 million dollars in gold hidden in the ground.”

The tagline asks, “Can Parker finally turn the tide and expand his golden empire?”

Parker Schnabel, Gold Rush -
Parker Schnabel, Gold Rush -

Where In South America Is Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 6 Filmed?

South America is a vast continent. Where will Parker be headed this time?

Firstly, they head to Peru. There, they follow the legendary Incas, traverse the jungle, and cross rivers, to be the first to mine gold on virgin ground.

They meet a mining family that gives advice. However, a flood slows down the crew and keeps them from moving forward. The team is stranded.

Continuing in Peru, they check out the gold scene in Madre Di Dios. But, this rich treasure trove of gold nuggets also means that they have to get across the Amazon jungle.

In addition, the team mines with the indigenous Harakmbut tribe. They also trek to Peru’s La Rinconada. This gold mining town is 17,000 feet above sea level.

Moving on from Peru, Parker heads to Bolivia. Here, they are enjoying a modern-day gold rush.

Lastly, they follow the legendary trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This time, he needs to battle the high desert.

But, once again, Parker has a medical emergency that could prevent him from staking his South American claim.

This promises to be a crazy season!

Who Is Joining Parker Schnabel For Season 6?

Who is joining in this crazy Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail trip through South America? Once again, Parker Schnabel is joined by Tyler Mahoney, and Danny Etheridge, as well as Dr. Diego Lazarzaburu.

The quartet will be venturing together through some of the most challenging conditions ever.

When Is The Premiere Of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 6?

The premiere of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is on Friday, April 7, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on the Discovery Channel.


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