Fans Won’t Let Discovery Off After ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Delay

Gold Rush - White Water / YouTube

Fans won’t let Discovery off the hook after the network delayed Gold Rush: White Water after airing half its season. It has gotten to the point where fans will bring up White Water even in Discovery posts about its parent series Gold Rush.

Here is what happened to Gold Rush: White Water and what fans are saying about it.

Gold Rush: White Water delayed by Discovery

With no warning to fans, Discovery took Gold Rush: White Water off the schedule. It was producer Tim Dalby who had to tell the fans about the show dropping from the schedule. According to Dalby, Discovery is “imposing a ‘break’ on new episodes airing until the new financial year in April.”

Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

What this means is that Discovery will wait until the new financial year to air the rest of the season because they won’t have to count it as expenses until it airs. This is a way to adjust the books for the company. This is part of an overall movement by Discovery since purchasing Warner Bros. They also canceled a finished DC Comics movie in Batgirl to use as a write-off and have taken animated shows off HBO Max so they don’t have to pay creators anymore.

Tim wrote, “the series has been rating well again and this rather short-sighted move will obviously harm that.” There has been no further word from Dalby about the postponement, and he even deleted his original social media post, making it seem like Discovery didn’t like the bad press.

Fans lash out at Discovery about the delay

Fans won’t let Discovery forget about their anger at this seemingly unnecessary delay. In a recent post on the official Gold Rush TV Instagram page, the network advertised this Friday night’s Gold Rush and the show that now follows it, Gold, Lies & Videotape.

Fans didn’t want to hear about it and it seems that Gold, Lies & Videotape might be suffering for it. While the first two comments on the post simply asked Discovery to put Gold Rush: White Water back on, others went into more detail about their frustrations.

Gold Rush IG

“Seriously need to get the whitewater situation fixed!” one fan commented. “Waiting until April is unacceptable!! Especially since the show was in its mid-season!” This led to more fans asking what happened to White Water with them saying how much they miss Justin, Carlos, Dustin, and more. That also led to fans saying that the replacement show is helping “destroy” Discovery.

Other fans have said they are considering dropping their Discovery+ subscriptions because of this decision. It is especially bad since Discovery didn’t even let fans know they pulled Gold Rush: White Water from the schedule.

“I was already upset with Discovery+ over not offering some series until the whole season had aired on cable,” a fan wrote. “This is the last straw. I just canceled Discovery+ and will go back to recording on Hulu.”

Are you mad about Gold Rush: White Water getting delayed in the middle of its current season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. There are few shows I really enjoy watching anymore, but most of what I like I watch on Discovery…White Water is one of them. You pull a show mid season suddenly, but in 3 months you’ll let it return? If that’s how you treat your viewers, I’d just as soon turn off Discovery and be done. Get hooked and then get dumped on. And the reason you’re doing this is what, exactly? Wrong…just wrong.

    1. I agree and have been trying to see the next episode for weeks. Now I know what happened and am extremely disappointed of this long delay.

    1. Every week I look forward to watching gold rush and gold rush whitewater and for you to take it off and replace it with a lame show . My Friday nights are not the same Shame on you.

  2. Will just stop watching discovery period, this political shit is typical of network millionaires! Let’s all put a dent in their wallets. Stop watching, boycott discovery, let er rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kept looking for Whitewater on Friday after Gold Rush but not there. No info regarding what happened. I had to go looking on the web to see what happened and found out they are delaying for tax reasons!?! Give me a break. You morons don’t make enough frickin money?? Go to Hades. I will find other channels to replace discovery. Stick that on your expense sheet!!

  4. I do not wish to insult anyone! however it seems to me an internal tiff between production and the white water team.
    With such competition these days who wants to risk loosing viewers? Ratings are dollars. This is ( if you will pardon the pun) another WATERGATE cover up and the weakest excuse I have ever heard to guise the real reason. Simply put if the crew have stopped filming then there can not be a pickup in April since the Gold season will be over.
    Work it out guys. They are still filming or there will be no rest of the show.
    Just M O and we all know Opinions are like A/holes we all have one.
    L C

  5. Cannot believe they took Whitewater off in the middle of the season! For what? Gold, Lies and Videotape…..Please! It’s boring and there is a commercial every 5 minutes. Done with Discovery!

  6. I’m really disappointed about the whole white water show.. it’s just gone no nothing’s just gone. well you can count on me I’m gone too. enjoy your ratings. Really disappointed..

  7. I don’t care that you won’t publish my comment. I wanted you Big Wigs to know how I felt. My job is done here..

  8. Hopefully you can recognize the negative feedback and rethink your position on the delay and restart the episodes once again please!

  9. The best show on TV and they go and pull a bonehead move like this, I could think of another 10 others that should be pulled in 15 seconds, what brainless executive came up with this idea!

  10. I’ve been watching Gold Rush since it aired and I’ve been watching Gold Rush White River since it aired and it seems lately that Gold Rush is gone downhill with Rick quitting this last season or on hiatus I was really disappointed to see that and now White River this season seemed more exciting than any of the previous because of where they went and of course with this being so they stop just as it gets exciting why would you do that and not tell anybody I’ve been checking every week to see or find something and I had to dig online to find out it would be really nice if on Gold Rush you gave some sort of announcement of when it’s coming back cuz people actually like it better than they do the original Gold Rush now I believe I do…

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