Dave Turin Back For ‘Gold Rush’ Spinoff ‘America’s Backyard Gold’

Dave Turin Gold Rush America's Backyard Gold - YouTube

Legendary Gold Rush gold miner “Dozer” Dave Turin is back on Discovery. This time, he is starring in the newest Gold Rush spinoff called America’s Backyard Gold. Moreover, he is ready to help some gold miners with tips to get as much gold as possible. The biggest challenge is that they are going to find this gold without pricey excavators, sluicers, or other gas-guzzling equipment that costs a lot and eats into the bottom line.

This new series promises plenty of gold, including the biggest nugget ever seen on the Discovery Channel.

Gold Rush America's Backyard Gold - YouTube
Gold Rush America’s Backyard Gold – YouTube

What Is Gold Rush Spinoff America’s Backyard Gold About?

Dozer Dave Turin is back for the new series America’s Backyard Gold. What is this Discovery series about? According to TV Insider, Dave Turin is going on the road on an “Ultimate road trip across the country.” He is going to meet all sorts of people with one goal in mind. They want to find gold. The publication even teases that one of these gold miners may wind up with a score that is worth “millions of dollars.” Therefore, there is some serious gold.

Dave believes that they don’t need to blow their budget on expensive equipment. Instead, Dave uses his skills to show them how to “find the right spot to look.”

The teaser video reveals that right now, there is an estimated $3 trillion of undiscovered gold. That is because of the unusual weather patterns that resulted in rain storms and flooding. That means that gold that was once hidden is now available to mine without expensive equipment. Backyard gold miners just need to know where to look.

This new series will commence with Dave heading out to California. “From picking nuggets out of rivers to metal detecting rare gold worth millions, the host will show viewers how and where everyday miners can get those hidden riches.” That means Dave will share some valuable tips that viewers may want to try out should they want to try their hand at looking for nuggets.

In addition, Turin heads to the  Dahlonega Gold Belt which is on the board of Georgia and Alabama. He is finding gold in places never shown on Discovery before.

Lastly, Dave returns to Oregon. There, he will partake in a “treasure hunt from the Rogue River rapids to the sands of the Pacific coastline.”

When Does America’s Backyard Gold Premiere?

The premiere of the Gold Rush spinoff America’s Backyard Gold is on Friday, March 15, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on Discovery. Don’t miss Gold Rush: White Water which airs right after.

Gold Rush fans, will you be tuning in to this spinoff to watch Dozer Dave Turin help more people make their millions mining gold?

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