‘Gold Rush’ Alum Dave Turin’s New Old-Timer Gold Gig

Gold Rush alum Dave Turin - Instagram

Gold Rush alum Dave Turin is back in the news. Moreover, it looks like he is involved in another very old-school gold gig. What is he doing now?

Here is the latest news about one of the Discovery show’s fan favorites.

Dave Turin Gold Rush - YouTube
Dave Turin Gold Rush – YouTube

Gold Rush Alum Dave Turin Can’t Stay Away From Gold Mining

Earlier this week, Gold Rush alum Dave Turin went to Facebook to share some photos and give his fans an update. He shared numerous old black-and-white photos of gold miners and their horses stuck in the mud. Additionally, he shared a selfie in front of a shiny gold truck.

Dave wrote, “Horses were the old-timer’s means of transportation, the house below was stuck in the mud & rescued. My new truck is ready to go to work. Time for a new chapter and I’m starting in the California Gold Country. I’ll be walking in the paths of the old-timers. ‘I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.’ #KeepDigging ya’ll! – Dave.”

It looks like Dave Turin is no longer retired. He shocked fans when he left the Discovery show and said he was done with gold mining. He had some back issues that required surgery, but it seemed like he was still struggling. However, once you have gold fever, it is hard to stop. Also, there may be two factors that may have come into place. Some time off may have helped heal Dave Turin’s back. Although the Gold Rush alum had back surgery, sometimes it just takes longer to heal. This now does not seem to be an issue.

The second reason that Dave Turin may have un-retired is gold. Right now, there is a California gold rush. What is going on over there?

Dave Turin Gold Rush - Facebook
Dave Turin Gold Rush – Facebook

California Is Experiencing A Old-Time Gold Rush

There is a gold rush in California. This is the biggest flurry of gold miners since 1849! Dave Turin is not the only gold miner interested in old-time gold mining. According to Inside Edition, thanks to the extreme California weather, including a hefty amount of snow and rain, the water in rivers and streams is moving fast. Therefore, gold is being “pushed downstream.” That means previously hidden gold is now easier to find.

Currently, in California, amateur gold miners have their mining pans out to pan for gold. They are dipping their green pans into the rushing water, and clearing them out with a pan of water. When they look inside the pan, they can see some flakes of gold.

In addition, those same people are finding huge nuggets just panning for gold. They do not even need big machinery to get an earring-size piece of gold.

However, Dave Turin’s photo shows him with the big new truck, and possibly more. It looks like he has some excavating equipment. This is not as enormous as was used on the hit Discovery series, this will help him unearth more pay dirt. But, while this setup looks intriguing, the talented gold miner did not elaborate on his plans.

However, it looks like he has some modern tools for his old-school gold-mining adventure! Then again, Dave is not taking a horse mining. He is taking advantage of the latest equipment that will save him time in his quest for a big gold haul.

Will Dave Turin Be Back On Discovery?

Gold Rush fans may want to know whether or not Dave Turin will be returning to the Discovery Channel. Perhaps he will show some of his old-time mining skills in California?

Currently, there are no plans for another Dave Turin Gold Rush spinoff series. But, fans of his former boss, Todd Hoffman will want to catch the premiere of Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 on Friday, June 16, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on the Discovery Channel. In addition, you can catch these same episodes on Discovery+.

Gold Rush fans, what do you think of Dave Turin’s latest news?

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