‘Gold Rush’ Spinoff ‘Hoffman Family Gold’ Season 3 Goes Back To Alaska

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Discovery has announced the Gold Rush spinoff Hoffman Family Gold Season 3 premiere date. Three generations of the Hoffmans are headed back to Alaska. Todd Hoffman and his father Jack Hoffman, and sons Hunter and Hudson Hoffman are going to where this all started. Can they overcome the elements to get to the gold?

However, this season is bittersweet. What is the surprise news with this premiere announcement?

Here are all the details.

Jack Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery's permission
Jack Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery’s permission

Hoffman Family Gold Is Back For Season 3

On Thursday, TV Insider reported that the Gold Rush spinoff Hoffman Family Gold is back for Season 3. The three generations of Hoffmans are back to gold mining together. Last year, it was Todd Hoffman clashing with his son Hunter Hoffman. However, this season is special. That is because¬†they “arrive in Alaska to mine the most promising claim they’ve ever had.”

This is a huge deal as the Hoffmans have made lofty promises before. However, this season has an extra incentive. That is because Jack Hoffman has announced he this will be his last season mining. As every Gold Rush fan knows, Jack’s dream of finding gold started Todd and his family on this journey. This journey was why this Discovery show became an instant hit.

Now, in Alaska, the Hoffman crew have a goal of 300 ounces of gold. But, winter is coming, and the gold miners have to triple their output before winter sets in. “They view it as their legacy and livelihood is on the line.”

Are they ready to deal with many obstacles? It sure seems like it as Jack declares, “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”

The Gold Rush Spinoff Hoffman Family Gold Preview Shows Ominous Weather

In the Gold Rush spinoff preview video, Jack Hoffman’s narration is ominous. It looks like this season of Hoffman Family Gold is not about battling each other, but about battling Mother Nature. Jack says, “A lot of people don’t survive up here.” Next, the preview shows flash flooding, and a lot of natural delays in their quest to find gold. This situation is so dangerous that Todd is concerned about the well-being of his team.

When the weather is not causing delays, the Hoffman crew have to deal with inspectors. After an inspector advises them they cannot make a cut bigger, Todd is shown stressed out. He has a good reason for that emotion. He reveals that this could cost him “millions.”

Todd Hoffman, Hunter Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Gold Rush, Discovery-https://www.instagram.com/p/B1kFfAsj_VE/
Todd Hoffman, Hunter Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, Gold Rush, Discovery

When Is The Premiere Of Gold Rush Spinoff?

The premiere of Hoffman Family Gold Season 3 is on Friday, June 14, on Discovery. No one will want to miss Jack Hoffman’s final attempt to make a fortune in gold.

Gold Rush fans, will you be tuning in for Season 3 of Hoffman Family Gold?

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