‘Gold Rush’ Alum Todd Hoffman Selling ‘Potato’ Nugget

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Todd Hoffman was originally the creator of Gold Rush on Discovery Channel and he’s still in the mining game, but he also sells gold, like his “potato” nugget. He does take a break from mining interests because he’s also a singer and did quite well. Always aware that financial depression can cause problems, he keeps an eye on what’s happening with inflation and the value of gold.

After Gold Rush, Todd Filmed For Hoffman Family Gold

In 2022, fans who follow Discovery mining shows heard that the Hoffman family was on TV with Hoffman Family Gold. At the time, they faced a challenge to extract a profitable amount of gold in Alaska, north of Nome. Similar scenes play out on Discovery’s Gold Rush all the time. Limited time, dangerous working conditions, and a make-or-break situation keep fans coming back more.

Todd Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush- https://twitter.com/Gold_Rush/status/1499819014360555532
Todd Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold RushTwitter

Todd Hoffman left Gold Rush in 2018, but a special in 2022 revealed him with a bunch of nuggets. Other familiar faces appeared, and many scenes showed the more successful mining outcomes. These days, some of those gold nuggets are in the safekeeping of the Hoffman family, and now Todd is selling one. Actually, he always seems to find one way or another to stay afloat with gold.

Todd Hoffman Is Selling His ‘Potato’ Nugget

On April 4, the Discovery star took to his Facebook account and shared some news about selling a huge nugget of gold. In the photos, it could be seen that it was long enough to fit almost across his palm. Naturally, Gold Rush fans seemed very impressed with it.

Discovery Star Todd Hoffman's Potato Nugget - Facebook
Discovery Star Todd Hoffman’s Potato Nugget – Facebook

In his caption, Todd Hoffman said:

I’m selling “Todd’s Potato”🥔 It’s been super cool to hand to people over the years. It really blows there mind!! It’s from Atlin BC. I have had it since 2014. 1.9 times spot. It’s 8.830 ounces. 39k bucks and some change. I’m going to invest into some more mining pieces like usual. 39k and some change. I have shown this on TV with Harry Conick, TMZ and several other shows on Fox. It’s definately a sweet piece. Not many big ones left. DM me, serious buyers only.

Gold Rush fans took to the comments and admired the nuggets. One of them told Todd Hoffmann, “Atlin [is] a great gold bearing region and lovely place with spectacular scenery. Nice size nugget for there. Was there in 2016.”

Here are more comments:

  • She’s a picker alright! Hopefully Todd hits a pumpkin patch this year!
  • I wish that i have the money for it. Im already happy with a gram.
  • Yes, That’s one large gold nugget./
  • dam that’s a beautiful piece of gold Gold Rush Todd.

What do you think of Todd Hoffman selling such a nice big nugget? Do you wish you had enough money to buy it? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Discovery news.

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