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‘Gold Rush’s’ Todd Hoffman Back In ‘ Hoffman Family Gold’

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The OG is back! Gold Rush’s original super-miner, Todd Hoffman is back on Discovery with a new show, Hoffman Family Gold.

Here are all the details.

Gold Rush Star Todd Hoffman Back In Hoffman Family Gold

Back during the Great Recession, Todd Hoffman and his unlikely crew of gold miners made Gold Rush Discovery’s number one-rated show.

Todd’s father, Jack Hoffman, had a dream of going to Alaska to mine for gold. They all went, learned the ropes, and had many years of mixed results.

However, back in 2018, Todd and his crew left the Discovery show. Now, four years later, they are back with Hoffman Family Gold.

What Is Hoffman Family Gold About?

Todd Hoffman and his family are back on a brand new Discovery show. Moreover, they have not given up on their dream. They are mining for gold about 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska, off-grid. What is this new show about?

According to IMDb, “A mining partner in Alaska has invested in nearly 2,500 acres of rugged land, and they’re about to go belly up. Todd will try to turn around the operation. Will he be able to do it in just six weeks before the winter season sets in?”

Should the Hoffman crew get gold mining success, they will secure mining rights for a decade! This could be an enormous win for the Hoffman family legacy.

Jack Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush-
Jack Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush-

When Does Gold Rush Spinoff, Hoffman Family Gold Premiere?

Hoffman Family Gold is premiering on Friday, March 25, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. Todd Hoffman’s new show airs right after the Gold Rush season finale.

However, starting Friday, April 1, fans can catch Hoffman Family Gold at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.

In addition, the episodes will be available to stream on Fridays, on Discovery Plus.

Hunter Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush-
Hunter Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold, Gold Rush-

Who Is Mining Gold With Todd Hoffman?

Todd Hoffman’s team will have a lot of familiar faces. It should be of no surprise that Todd’s father, Jack Hoffman will be back. In addition, Hunter Hoffman, Todd’s son, will also mine, making this a three-generation operation.

Another familiar face is Gold Rush OG star, James Thurber. In addition, foreman Andy Spinks, and mechanic Randy Hubler will appear.

According to Oregon Live, the Hoffman team will be working along with the current crew mining on the site. In addition, it sounds like Randy will be dealing with a lot of “failing equipment.”

These are not the first obstacles that the Gold Rush alums have dealt with. However, with a six-week deadline, they will have to bush-fix equipment. There is no time to order in parts!

Don’t miss the premiere of Hoffman Family Gold, on Friday, March 25, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.

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  1. I do enjoy the show glad when everything works fine for them how evermine can make rich or bankrupt or worts suicidal when things go really bad going for the big jackpot only 1 in 100 people will get it but sometime people like T.B can be vulture in the show or home parked did not treat his worker very well either i think his granfather was a real gentleman i hope that people will take in consideration the damage has been done with the mining bu i love the show in here in N.Z we are so far behind at least the episode stated from the high Bar in oregon

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