‘Gold Rush’ Todd Hoffman Is Back: ‘The Dirt’ Exclusive Sneak Peek Clip

Gold Rush has a huge announcement centered around former cast member Todd Hoffman. Parker Schnabel’s best buddy is back on Gold Rush.

Hoffman left the series after eight long years in the bid to try his hand at a singing career or producing his own version of a mining show. But fans of Gold Rush now can relax as the mining universe has righted itself with Hoffman back in a dozer on Discovery.

TV Shows Ace has the exclusive jump and previews of this hallowed event.

What? Hoffman is back on Gold Rush?

Right? After Todd Hoffman walked away from gold mining, the show was left with Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Tony Beets, and now Fred Lewis. But something felt off.

Hoffman, love him or hate him, was a watchable character.

In our exclusive preview, we see Hoffman grousing about making it in America as he heads north to make a new fortune.  Destination? The wilds of Alaska.

The Hoffman crew mined gold for eight roller-coaster seasons. He even went to Guyana. Then the miner called it quits after a singing video emerged that showed the miner had some chops.

Discovery and producers are letting this Oregon-based “founding father” back in the fold, despite some bad blood with Schnabel as this major announcement of Hoffman coming is a reality, coming tomorrow night.

They released a teaser first:

Hoffman says: “There’s going to be another chapter for the Hoffman crew.” But before Todd and his crew set off for one last shot of redemption, he will sit down with The Dirt to share a side of his gold mining story.

He says: “You’ve never heard [this] before; hit me with the hard stuff because I’m never going to talk about this again.”

Old rivalries and the real dirt that Parker shared in past interviews will likely be broached.

So how will all this play out? We can guarantee Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel won’t shy away from any confrontation with Hoffman.

Hoffman Family Gold

The working title for the news series is Hoffman Family Gold. According to Discovery, Hoffman will work with his father, Jack,  his son, Hunter, and a crew of gold miners.

This series will premiere on Discovery and Discovery+ in early 2022, as it follows Hoffman and the crew as they search for gold up in Alaska.

When Hoffman left Gold Rush in 2018,  it was big news for Discovery’s top-rated program. The addition of Rick Ness as a mining boss has worked out beautifully, with fans warming to Ness’s relatable personality and sense of humor. In addition, Ness, a former employee of Parker Schnabel, managed to squire Schnabel’s man Brennan Ruault, another low-key fan favorite, over to his camp for this season of Gold Rush.

The series began in 2010, and Hoffman was part of the core cast from the beginning.

The Dirt special on Todd Hoffman airs at 9 PM on Discovery.

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  1. I saw that Todd Hoffman was battling a cancer issue again. i will pray that he wins … again. Would love to see him and his family back on Gold Rush ….AGAIN!!!!

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