‘Gold Rush’ Alum Todd Hoffman Ready To Mine Again With ‘Redemption Gold’

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Will 2021 finally see the return of Todd Hoffman gold mining? Back in 2018, the Hoffman crew shocked Gold Rush fans when Todd announced they were leaving the Discovery show.  It looks like the Gold Rush alum will be returning with his own show, Redemption Gold.

This is what we know now.

Gold Rush Alum Todd Hoffman Getting Ready To Gold Mine Again

Former Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman has Twitter all abuzz. He has spent a good portion of 2020 discussing a return to gold mining. Based on his posts, it now looks like he and his dad Jack Hoffman are talking about gold mining once again. What does his tweets reveal?

For one thing, he is already inviting fans to turn in. “I’m personally inviting you to watch my new show I’m working on and let’s see how our story ends.”

In addition, he is not returning to Discovery. Instead, he is creating his own show, Redemption Gold. On Saturday, when a fan asked him on Twitter about returning to gold mining, Todd explained that it will be his own show. Moreover, it is to make his own father, Jack Hoffman, happy. For several years, Todd has made it clear that he wants his beloved father have one more try at fulfilling his gold mining dream.

 “Redemption Gold is coming to life. It’s been a long time in the making and with Covid I know why it was slowed down. It’s for my earthly father and my Heavenly Father.”

A concerned fan advised Hoffman to stay away from mining. But, he will not be swayed. “I can’t homie. My dad wants to mine. Jack’s been on loan from Heaven and he gets what he wants. He want to DIG!!”

Another fan asked Todd if in his new show,  he will reveal what Discovery paid members of the cast. Todd’s reply? “Once I’m established I will disclose some things everyone’s always asked me. Can’t do that now but I will visit it when the times right.”

But, he explained, “I’m just setting up production.”

Will Todd Hoffman Return To Gold Rush?

It should be of no surprise to Todd Hoffman’s social media followers that he has wanted to return to gold mining. However, to clarify,  he will not ever be returning to Discovery and Gold Rush. Nor will he be returning to Zum Media. His name is no longer on that website.

Instead, one of his tweets hints that he has created something totally new and from home. “#thehoffmanreport is almost ready to start broadcasting from. From sports to news to mining nothing is off limits. 4 seat 5 camera shoot. #redemptiongold #316mining.”

Although Hoffman has not revealed what platform they are using, it could very well be YouTube. They are doing it all themselves and will not have to share the profits from the project.

What Gear Do The former Gold Rush Stars Need?

One thing is for sure, the Hoffman crew will need a lot of equipment. He has been asking fans on social media for items like a “90-100 horse Cummins diesel motor.” The team also needs a water pump as well.

No matter what the obstacle, Todd Hoffman likes his odds. He shared that “I love being the underdog with the deck stacked against me. Not sure why. #redemptiongold #316mining.” 

Will you be watching Todd Hoffman’s new gold mining show, Redemption Gold?


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