‘Hoffman Family Gold’ Season 2: Todd Is ‘Different’ Dad From Jack

Hoffman Family Gold, (left to right) Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman and Hunter Hoffman, used with Discovery's permission

In Discovery’s Hoffman Family Gold Season 2, Todd Hoffman will be mining along with his two sons, as well as his father, Jack. However, there is a twist this season, and it will test Todd’s parenting skills.

Therefore, is Todd giving parenting advice to those who watch the Discovery show?

Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 Will Showcase Todd Hoffman’s Parenting Skills

Hoffman Family Gold star Todd Hoffman is no stranger to dealing with some animosity on a gold mining claim. He has seen it all, including a memorable fistfight between Dave Turin and Trey Poulson,

However, this season, Todd has to be more than mine boss. This year has a twist. it will be father against son. If you think it is Todd vs Jack, you are wrong. It is Todd vs his sons Hunter, and Hudson, aka Cub.

Hoffman warned of some animosity when he recently spoke to TV Insider. Firstly, he shared something very revealing. Todd said, “I would never say the things to my dad Hunter says to me.”

Todd may be hinting at how they got to this season’s twist. Did fights with his son lead to this? Now, Hunter is determined to prove himself. But, Todd may be trying to prove his worth to viewers who have been following him since Gold Rush Season 1.

Hoffman Family Gold, Todd Hoffman, used with Discovery's permission
Hoffman Family Gold, Todd Hoffman, used with Discovery’s permission

Hunter Hoffman Has Cub On His Side

In Hoffman Family Gold Season 2, Hunter Hoffman is set to face off against his father, and grandfather. However, he is not doing it alone. Hudson “Cub” Hoffman is joining him.

Calling his youngest “awesome,” and a “quiet, funny guy,” he acknowledges that Cub is a force to be reckoned with. The two brothers have something to prove. Will they get more gold than dear old Dad and Grandpa?

Yet, Todd is more concerned about how he looks as a parent. He acknowledges that he now constantly reflects, “Did I let my son down or was he just being a butt and needs to listen to his dad. ”

Todd is very direct that fans will see their “dirty laundry,” as they play out the iconic father-son relationship. But rest assured, Todd is not giving any parenting advice.

He warns fans, “Don’t get any parenting advice from Todd R. Hoffman because I don’t know what the frick I’m doing.”

The irony is that Todd is competing against his two sons while mining with his father. Maybe Todd is wiser than Discovery fans realize.

Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 Offers A Lot Of Excitement

Although Discovery has focused on the father-son relationship, Todd wants fans to know that there is a cornucopia of activity going on in the upcoming season.

There is freakin’ gold, fights, grizzly bears, and floods. It’s a mining clinic. There’s a lot of weird stuff that happens in this show. That’s why I believe it will be one of the biggest things on the network if not the number-one show.

Are you ready for some chaos and bush fixes? Gold Rush fans, who do you think will find more gold, Todd or Team Hunter?

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