‘WCTH’: Kevin McGarry & Erin Krakow Wish For Lori Loughlin’s Return

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WCTH stars Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow were recently promoting the Hallmark series. Moreover, they were asked about the possibility that Lori Loughlin could return. What did the two share about the former When Calls The Heart star and whether Hearties should expect her to return to Hope Valley?

Lori Loughlin Erin Krakow Instagram
Lori Loughlin Erin Krakow Instagram

Kevin McGarry Shares Story About Lori Loughlin Helping Him When He Had WCTH Audition

Although Kevin McGarry and Erin Krakow recently went on a New York City media tour to promote WCTH, it seems that US Magazine was not interested in the Nathan and Elizabeth romance. Instead, they were interested in Lori Loughlin and whether she would return.

When speaking to US Magazine, the interviewer asked about Lori. Kevin shared a story that he has frequently told about meeting Loughlin. “There was a problem at the studio, and the chemistry read that I was supposed to have with Erin was delayed. And they were like, ‘Don’t worry, we’re figuring this out, we’re sending somebody.’ And I came down to the lobby and Aunt Becky was like, ‘Hey, I’m taking you to [the read].'”

McGarry, who portrays Mountie Nathan Grant on the Hallmark series described her as “supportive.” They only filmed Season 6 together. It was when that season premiered that the College Admissions Scandal broke. Then, Hallmark took the series off the air, leaving the When Calls The Heart staff to cut all her scenes and explain her absence.

Lori Loughlin, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith - Instagram
Lori Loughlin, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith – Instagram

Erin Krakow Shares Wish For Lori Loughlin To Return To Hallmark Series

As for Erin Krakow, she would love to see Lori return. “She’s an incredible person, a very dear friend. She’s got a real good heart. People don’t even know how special a person she is, and it would be wonderful to have her back in Hope Valley.”

Lori Loughlin, Martin Cummins, Erin Krakow WCTH - Instagram
Lori Loughlin, Martin Cummins, Erin Krakow WCTH – Instagram

Is Lori Loughin Returning To WCTH?

The interviewer may have mentioned that they heard that it was possible that Lori Loughlin could return to WCTH, but Kevin revealed “It’s not our decision of course.” But, Erin Krakow shared that she one “thousand percent” would like her forever friend to return to WCTH.

WCTH Co-Creator Brian Bird Is The One That Started The Lori Loughlin Rumors

The rumors about Lori returning have been running rampant. When did they all start? It seems that it was in October. This was after the shocking end of WCTH Season 10. The show’s co-creator Brian Bird was on numerous podcasts talking about Lucas and Elizabeth’s canceled wedding and whether Chris McNally would return as he was shot in the season finale episode. When Bird was on the Heart To Hearties podcast with new showrunner Lindsay Sturman, Bird fanned the flames that Lori Loughlin would return and continue the story with Martin Cummins who portrays Henry Gowan.

Bird hinted at her return when he was asked, “Well, this is a tricky question and what I can say is that there are good conversations happening. We can’t guarantee anything, but there are good conversations happening around this topic.” Suddenly, Hearties Nation was aflutter with hope that Hallmark Media was speaking to Lori Loughlin about returning to the series.

However, People Magazine contacted Hallmark Media about these alleged talks with Lori Loughlin. They wrote, “Despite Bird’s comments, Hallmark Media is ‘not in talks’ with Loughlin about repressing her role on When Calls The Heart.”

Upon a closer look, Bird was very clever about how he stated this notion that there is a conversation happening about Abigail returning. Although he never explained it, the writer’s room or some actors could have been part of the “good conversations.” But, as Erin and Kevin stated, it is up to Hallmark.

Currently, Lori Loughlin is making movies with Great American Family.

Hearties, do you want Lori Loughlin to return?

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