‘Deadliest Catch’ Alum, Former Northwestern Deckhand Nick Mavar Dies

Deadliest Catch Nick Mavar - Facebook

Deadliest Catch alum Nick Mavar has died at the age of 59. The former F/V Northwestern deckhand has starred in nearly 100 episodes of the Discovery series. How did this fisherman die, and what other details have been released?

Nick Mavar Deadliest Catch - YouTube
Nick Mavar Deadliest Catch – YouTube

Deadliest Catch Alum Nick Mavar Dies At 59 Years Of Age

On Thursday, Deadliest Catch alum Nick Mavar died. According to TMZ, the Bristol Bay Borough Police Department revealed that the former reality star died in Naknek, “after experiencing a medical emergency.” However, there is no further information on what occurred. The information is that it is “too early” to determine what he experienced before he passed away. But, it appears to be of natural causes. His family has just been advised of his death.

Fans of the Discovery series remember Nick as one of the main deckhands on the F/V Northwestern. He was a key part of Captain Sig Hansen’s crew. He was in charge of maintaining the mechanical equipment. But, in 2021, he experienced severe pain. It turned out to be his appendix. Eventually, he had to be airlifted to be cared for. He never returned to the boat to fish for crab.

Next, there was legal action. That is because his appendix ruptured before he was able to receive medical care beyond one of the boat medics who checked up on him when he was experiencing severe pain in his rib. Mavar later revealed that it was a tumor attached to his appendix that caused the rupture. This led to Nick suing the boat for not having a plan for such emergencies.

In turn, Captain Sig sued the production company and the medical subcontractor.  This situation occurred during Covid and Sig’s lawsuit contends that there was not a plan for such an emergency situation.

Most recently, Nick Mavar was on Bristol Bay with his salmon boat. He died at the age of 59.

Nick Mavar Deadliest Catch - Facebook
Nick Mavar Deadliest Catch – Facebook

Nick Mavar Introduced Nephew Jake Anderson To  Crab Fishing

Deadliest Catch fans may remember that in 2007, Nick Mavar introduced his nephew Jake Anderson to crab fishing. Jake, a fourth-generation crab fisherman, started as the Greenhorn on the F/V Northwestern. When Jake struggled on the boat, his uncle Nick encouraged him to hang in there.

Also, when Jake dealt with his missing father and his death, Nick was there for him. Most of all, Nick helped Jake become sober after issues with drugs and alcohol.

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Other Deadliest Catch Stars Who Have Died

The Deadliest Catch follows teams of crab fisherman, whose work is one of the most deadliest jobs in the world. Over the past 20 years, there have been many tragic deaths of the fishermen who starred on the Discovery series. This includes Captain Phil Harris, Nick McGlashan, and Blake Painter.

Deadliest Catch fans, what is your favorite Nick Mavar moment from the Discovery series?

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