Fred Lewis Is Coming Back To ‘Gold Rush’ Season 14

Fred Lewis Gold Rush - Instagram

After being absent all season, Fred Lewis is returning to Gold Rush. It appears he has some unfinished business to attend to. The veteran will be seen in the Season 14 Episode entitled “Down, But Not Out.” In this episode, the often-maligned gold miner is going to go full circle. Who is he meeting with?

For months, fans of the gold mining series have surmised what happened to him. Finally, they will get some answers. Does a Discovery preview hint at what fans should expect?

Fred Lewis Gold Rush - Instagram
Fred Lewis Gold Rush – Instagram

Fred Lewis Is Back For New Gold Rush Episode ‘Down, But Not Out’

Surprisingly, Fred Lewis is returning to Gold Rush for the Season 14 episode entitled “Down, But Not Out.” Why is he back on the gold mining series? According to Rotten Tomatoes, this is why he is back.

Parker banks his first gold of the season from the Unforgiven cut. One of Rick’s rock trucks slides down a ravine, and he tries to broker a season-saving deal with Tony. Fred Lewis makes a big decision.

After missing the first five episodes of this season, he is back on TV. What is his big decision?

Gold Rush - Instagram
Gold Rush – Instagram

Fred Lewis Visits Parker Schnabel

Looks like Gold Rush fans may already have a hint as to why Fred Lewis has returned to Discovery. Do fans finally get an explanation for his absence? The series’ Twitter page posted a sneak peek. Fred and his wife Khara paid a visit to none other than Parker Schnabel. First, they give each other a big hug. This is the first time they have seen each other in some time.

Fred talks to Parker about his gold mining struggles. Unfortunately, Parker reveals that he doesn’t have any ground. Parker listens as Fred reveals that he is not “quitting.” Furthermore, Fred is looking for work. Parker, who has a full team, and has had struggles this season, is unable to hire him. But there are no hard feelings. The men embrace, and the couple leaves.

This is a full-circle moment. Fred has returned to Parker, where it all started. Fred and Parker have a long history. Fred had joined Parker on his adventure to Papua New Guinea for Parker’s Trail. Parker was retracing his grandpa John Schnabel’s trail when he was a WWII soldier.

Unlike the first two seasons, this was an unstable place to visit. Therefore, Fred had replaced Rick Ness, who had starred along with Parker in the first two seasons of this spinoff series. Fred Lewis joined because he was a Special Forces Medic, and he had combat experience.

Fred Lewis Available To Answer Questions After Gold Rush Episode

On Friday, Fred Lewis went to Instagram about his appearance on Gold Rush. He wrote, “For everyone that’s been asking tonight is the night to watch Gold Rush. If after this episode you have questions, let em fly, but should explain a lot!”

In the comments, Fred also wrote, “It’s just smart to air before talking about it.”

Gold Rush fans, are your questions answered, or will you ask Fred for more answers?

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