‘Gold Rush’ Season 14: How Did Parker Schnabel Support Rick Ness In His Return?

Gold Rush Rick Ness Parker Schnabel YouTube

Rick Ness is back for Gold Rush Season 14. This will be Rick’s opportunity for redemption. Last season, he was out because of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). However, that is only part of the story surrounding his absence. Moreover, fans of the Discovery series have missed him.

Now, he is back on the hit Discovery series and he wants to prove himself. Returning means he has to face his mistakes and a lot of people. That includes the other gold miners including Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets.

How did Parker Schnabel support Rick Ness in his Yukon return?

Gold Rush Rick Ness Parker Schnabel YouTube
Gold Rush Rick Ness Parker Schnabel YouTube

Gold Rush Season 14: How Did Parker Schnabel Support Rick Ness In His Return?

Rick Ness is returning for Gold Rush Season 14. Worst of all he is starting from scratch. On Wednesday, TV Insider released a new interview with Ness about his return to the Discovery series. He admitted he has hit “rock bottom.” But, he revealed that Parker Schnabel was one of the positives he experienced as he worked his way back out of the pit of despair.

Rick was asked if Parker had a role in “easing” him back into the gold mining fold. They inquired if he had any conversations with his former mine boss before he returned to the Yukon.

Firstly, Ness admitted that he “pretty much shut down.” That includes everyone around him, admitting that it may not have been the right thing to do. He indicated this is what happened when he was away from mining for the year.

However, when he returned in the Spring, Parker was there, and they chatted. He recalled what they talked about.

There was a lot of talk about whether I was done for good. A lot of people believed that. He told me he heard a lot of that, but his response was always, ‘Rick is a survivor. You’re going to see him back here.’

That honestly was touching. I’ve had my ups and downs with Parker, but ultimately I’ve spent a lot of time with him. He knows me. He knew I was coming back, so it was really nice.

In other words, Parker Schnabel supported Rick Ness. Despite some turmoil over the years, in the end, Parker’s support meant the world to Rick. Over the years the Discovery cameras certainly showed the two at odds with each other. But in the end, Parker believed in him. Moreover, Rick needed that support.

Gold Rush Rick Ness YouTube
Gold Rush Rick Ness YouTube

Parker Schnabel Invited Rick Ness To Mine With Him

When Rick Ness met Parker Schnabel 11 years ago, Parker was already a Discovery star. Rick was a bass player for .357 String Band performing in Alaska. The two chatted, and Rick showed interest in gold mining. The rest is history.

Don’t miss the premiere of Gold Rush Season 14, on Friday, September 29, at 8 p.m., On Discovery.

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