‘Gold Rush’ Is It Time For Tony Beets To Step Back?

Tony Beets on Gold Rush - YouTube

Gold Rush fans feel that it might be time for Tony Beets to step back on his mining crews. This weekend’s episode focused on Parker Schnabel, Fred Lewis, and Tony. As usual, they had trouble with equipment breaking down. This also brought Tony’s kids to the forefront.

Here is why some fans feel it is time for Tony to step back somewhat.

Tony Beets Kids Are Involved In His Crew

Tony Beets lost two dozers on the most recent episode of Gold Rush. It was not a surprise, considering how everyone’s seasons have been going. However, it also gave Tony a chance to lighten up somewhat as they worked on getting things back up and going again.

Tony Beets on Gold Rush - YouTube

One fan posted on Reddit that it was a nice change to see Tony have a little fun with his crew in the episode. However, after saying that, the Redditor said they wished Tony would step back and allow his kids more experience in running the operations. “Tony will never retire, and Mike & Kevin will never be independent if Tony continues to micromanage everyone and everything and doesn’t allow his kids to step up.”

That brought out more commenters to debate who might be ready to step up and take Tony’s spot at the head of the table if he ever retires. One said it was Kevin and Faith, who were the future. They wrote that “Mike is a good worker but I don’t think he can ever be in charge.” Others agreed, saying that Mike is a hard worker, but likely won’t ever be a boss.

The original poster responded that they agreed Kevin and Faith will be the future leaders. Yet, they noted, “it takes a village” so it should also include Mike and Monica. “Tony should step up and mentor Mike since it’s his son and give him the opportunity to learn and handle the operation with Kevin.” They compared it to how Tony mentored Parker, and look at how successful he has become.

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Tony and Parker Continue To Excel On Gold Rush

Yes, there are plenty of missteps with Fred Lewis on Gold Rush this season. But, the truth is that Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel have almost become too successful for their stories to remain entertaining. If Tony brings his kids more into the mix as leaders, it could really freshen up his story.

Tony Beets is easily the most successful, with a net worth of $15 million. This is from a good mix of his mining success and his appearances on Gold Rush. As for Parker, many Gold Rush fans think he might be working his way out with his incredible success.

Should Tony Beets step back on Gold Rush to allow his kids to finally start to prove they are ready to one day take over his operations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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