‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Returning For 2023 Mining Season

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For anyone who missed Rick Ness on the last season of Gold Rush, there is good news. Rick will return for the 2023 mining season and this means he will be back on the show when the next season rolls around later in the year.

Here is what we know about Rick returning to Gold Rush next season.

Rick Ness returning to Gold Rush next season

When Gold Rush wrapped up its current season, fans took to social media to find out if Rick Ness would be back for the next season of the show. This last season of the popular Discovery Channel series reality TV show saw four teams mining for gold, but the popular Rick was not there.

Instead, Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets were back to show everyone how it is done while Fred Lewis and the Clayton Brothers were there as upstarts trying to get their feet under them. While the Clayton Brothers seemed to succeed in the end, most fans were not happy watching Fred, who seemed to make too many poor decisions and dragged the show down.

Rick Ness on Gold Rush - YouTube

However, there is good news. When some fans asked on Reddit if Rick would be back for the 2023 mining season, fans mentioned he was coming back and pointed to proof of his return. One fan mentioned that Rick has already posted ads looking for a mechanic in the Yukon, and the ad mentioned they would start working in April.

There was also the fact that Rick’s girlfriend Lesse M. Arie said in January that he was coming back to the show, and that was “the plan.”

Why did Rick Ness miss this season of Gold Rush?

Rick Ness was on this season of Gold Rush, but he was only there for one episode when his crew went looking for him to find out what was going on. Zee did a welfare check on Rick and went to his home where he found his boss working on a car.

Rick Ness from Gold Rush - episode screencap

Rick said that he wasn’t going to return for the season, with the worst news here being that he left his crew high and dry without any word until they called him out on it. That might make it hard for Rick to find a crew for 2023 because he proved they can’t trust him.

However, they might come back because Rick admitted that he was dealing with mental health issues. Rick said he had seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression related to the seasons. He also had a tough time off, as he got engaged to Leese before they broke up and eventually got back together again.

Did you miss Rick Ness on Gold Rush this past season? Are you happy to see him returning to the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hi if you’re looking for a loader operator,I will work for you ready to get out of Pennsylvania for awhile gary

  2. Rick set’s the standard on how to show how he cares about his team. I started follow him when Parker was learning to mine by his Grandfather who even to daly I miss and pray for because he reminds me of My PaPa teach Me on how to use a Hey Baylor My self. and I was about 10 year’s old. after that he come get to hay Baylor with him. I would not missed it for nothing.

  3. Fred is a horrible addition to the show. He needs to go. Discovery is clearly floating his operation for some reason. He has no idea what he’s doing while making horrible business decisions. Supper happy to hear Rick will be back. *teamrick

    1. 2 seasons ago I thought the same about rick and was happy to see him go. Now I want him back because fred is just screwing his crew over who can’t use an excavator himself or run a crew or be interesting… Gotta cut him

  4. I am sorry to hear of your loss Rick and of your recent health troubles unfortunately I suffer from depression and have lost many loved ones myself including my son in 2016 and I tell ya what it’s really tough and always will be but we must carry on for yourself and for those who care about and love you. You’ve always seemed like a pretty cool level headed dude i’d love to have a couple cold ones with ya not to mention being one of my favorite miner’s on the Gold Rush shows along with Freddy and Juan yeah I put you up there with some good people and wish you all of the best in your return if that’s what truly makes you happy my brother or in whatever you decide to do

    1. Tom- I heard a rumor about a new fangled thing they’re using in writing called a “period”. It looks like this: • Check it out!

  5. As I do feel bad for Rick and his loss of a loved one and his health, he could have called his crew and let them know what was going on and not leave them high and dry. Good luck Rick on this coming season. Hope all is well with you now.🙏

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