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‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Is Hiring

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The 577K Gold Rush fans that follow Rick Ness on Facebook were surprised when he surfaced with a rare Facebook post. As those who follow him know, it has been a little over a month since he had anything to post on his page. Per his Facebook post, the Discovery Channel personality was in the market for a new crew member. His post was a job listing revealing that he was hiring a mechanic.

The 13.1K fans that deep dive into Gold Rush via Reddit also caught wind of his job listing and shared a screenshot of it in a fresh thread. As a member of the cast that fans were itching to see return, it was no surprise they had pretty big opinions on him posting a job listing on his Facebook page.

What exactly does Rick Ness’ job listing say he’s hiring for? And, what did Gold Rush fans have to say about the listing? Keep reading for the details.

Rick Ness - Facebook
Rick Ness – Facebook

Gold Rush: Rick Ness is hiring new crew member

“LOOKING FOR A MECHANIC,” The Discovery Channel personality declared in a lengthy Facebook post. Rick Ness proceeded to explain to his followers it was important that they read the job listing in its entirety before applying as he wasn’t interested in anyone wasting his time. Likewise, he recognized that people not qualified for this particular job could be qualified for other positions on his crew. But, they would blow their only chance if they applied to this job when they weren’t qualified for it.

He explained: “You may be qualified for another position I’m looking for next but if you respond to ads you’re not qualified for first, well then I may think you can’t follow directions and you will miss out on the opportunity so don’t take that chance!”

Rick Ness - Facebook
Rick Ness – Facebook

He revealed he was looking for a fully licensed diesel mechanic. He wanted a mechanic with a fully tooled-up service truck that they could bring to the job site. Rick wanted someone competent that had experience with both new and old machinery. He continued: “Welding and fab experience is a plus. Must be willing to work in a remote environment and preferably, be already familiar with long hours.”

Now, his job listing did not include a formal job application process. Instead, he just urged anyone interested and qualified to shoot him a message explaining why they were qualified for the position.

Check out the job listing down below:

Fans discuss his job listing

On Reddit, a few fans admit they sent the listing to their husbands telling them to “put their money where their mouth is.” Gold Rush fans inside of the U.S. agreed it was pretty standard for the position to require the mechanic to supply their own truck and tools, but fans outside of the U.S. found the request to be strange and demanding.

Other fans noted that after watching Rick Ness on Gold Rush there was no way they would ever want to work for him.

Rick Ness talking on Gold Rush

One fan penned: “If I were a reputable mechanic with 200k in truck and gear there’s NO WAY I go work for him.. I’m sorry too much to risk on a boss with a questionable lifestyle.”

Another agreed: “Depends on how much RAW/Discovery was paying. No scratch that, I have no desire to be famous. Even D grade shitty Discovery show famous. Wealthy? Yes. Powerful? Wouldn’t hurt. F*ck fame or notoriety.”

Several individuals proceeded to take a dig at Rick Ness for failing to include an expected pay scale noting that most self-respecting mechanics wouldn’t even entertain a job listing without that information.

Do you think Rick Ness has to weed a lot of potential applicants from individuals who are only hoping to join his crew for the chance of being on a future season of Gold Rush? Do you have an interest in being part of Rick Ness’ crew? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Gold Rush news.

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