‘Teen Mom’ Kayla Sessler Shocks With Confirmation Of Fake Reunion Storyline

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Ahead of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Season 3, Young and Pregnant alum, Kayla Sessler revealed that she and Ryan Leigh were pregnant with her third child. Was the storyline on MTV’s Family Reunion about them agonizing over whether to keep the baby or not, fake? Read on to find out what’s going on.

MTV’s Kayla Sessler Fell Pregnant

Kayla revealed her pregnancy and MTV fans discovered that it was due in March this year. Because Teen Mom: Family Reunion was filmed in September in Colombia, she must have already been pregnant by Ryan Leigh. The Young and Pregnant alum already had a daughter, Ariah, and her son, Izaiah. Ariah’s dad is Luke Davis, and he also treats Izaiah as his child.

Young And Pregnant Kayla Sessler [Credit: Kayla Sessler/Instagram]
Teen Mom Kayla Sessler – Instagram
Kayla Sessler transformed with Botox and fillers, but admiring fans are quite irritated with her now. Her baby with Ryan Leigh arrived, and fans agreed he was cute. But, in a more recent post that she shared, MTV fans saw something about fakery. And, fakery doesn’t sit well.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion Fake Storyline

Having gotten out her story about how the trip to Colombia was almost over, and she and Ryan hadn’t yet “talked about the baby,” the MTV star confessed she faked the storyline. That irks people because they took the time to watch the Catelynn Lowell-style drama play out. Teen Mom Chatter on Instagram grabbed some screenshots and uploaded them on Friday. In the caption, they said:

tm_chatter…So what are everyone’s thoughts on #KaylaSessler basically admitting her whole storyline on #TeenMomFamilyReunion was fake?
Kayla Sessler admit a fake storyline - tm_chatter - Instagram
Kayla Sessler admits a fake storyline – @tm_chatter – Instagram

Kayla Sessler confessed after an MTV fan in her comments told her she loved that they kept the baby. The Teen Mom star replied:

…we already knew before going it was just a storyline they pushed but thank you.

Naturally, MTV fans reacted in the comments. Here are a few of those thoughts:

  • You couldn’t pay me enough to pretend like I am considering giving my child up on national TV, for my child to watch in the future. Not here for it. 😏
  • Ok but you agreed with the storyline for a check knowing he will see it someday.
  • I wish they would stop admitting storylines are fake. Like we know it is, but like them admitting it ruins my viewing experience lowkey. Hahaha.
  • I really don’t like forced narratives. There’s enough drama in the world.

What are your thoughts about Kayla Sessler and Ryan Leigh inventing their storyline about giving up their baby? Do you hate it when the MTV cast confesses to faking it for the show? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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