‘Teen Mom‘ Kayla Sessler Goes Glam With Stunning Fresh Fit

Kayla Sessler/Teen Mom/Instagram

Teen Mom alum Kayla Sessler is showing off her glam side with a new stunning fit. The young mother has completely revamped herself and is showing off the goods as much as she can. So, what has she had done and how is she modeling the new look? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler Goes Glam With Stunning Fresh Fit

The cast of Teen Mom is no stranger to getting themselves freshened up. Kailyn Lowry underwent a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, veneers, neck lipo, and lip fillers. She has also said that she would like to do some more tweaking. Ashley Jones had a breast augmentation while Farrah Abraham is unrecognizable. Now, Kayla Sessler has jumped on the bandwagon and completely refreshed herself. According to The Sun, she has had Botox, lip fillers, and changed up her hair. Both the lips and the hair and much fuller while her locks are long and luscious.


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Recently, she decided to take the new look for a spin via her Instagram stories. There, she modeled some stunning fresh fits. In one, she donned a green strapless number where her locks grazed her chest, down to her hips. Her long dark locks were parted in the middle, sleek and straight. During her time on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and after, she had much lighter hair so it seems she is embracing the dark side. When she is not revamping her look, she is taking care of her two children, Izaiah, 5, and Ariah, 3.

Kayla Sessler/Teen Mom/Instagram
Kayla Sessler shares custody with her ex-fiance, Luke Davis, and says that, as of now, it is going okay. Kayla went live on YouTube with a friend to talk about it. “I would say, at first, we were co-parenting really, really well, and it was very strong. And then I think once me and him started dating other people, that’s when the real challenges started to pop up within our co-parenting and made it more difficult.”

Up & Down Romance

The former Teen Mom star has kept fans on their toes as to whether she and her ex, Luke are still together. Yet, he is not the only person she co-parents with. Kayla Sessler’s eldest child, five-year-old, Izaiah is from another relationship before Luke. It appears that she is trying her hardest though she and Luke’s recent lady friend, Dez did butt heads. As for what the future holds for them, all that matters is the children. Kayla also seems to be keeping herself occupied with her upgraded looks and showing off her assets in new and fabulous ensembles.

What do you think of Kayla Sessler’s new style? Are you a fan of her upgraded and refreshed look? Let us know in the comments below.

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