‘Teen Mom’: Gary Shirley, Kristina Shock With Weight Loss Pics

Gary Shirley

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina are shocking fans with new weight loss pics. These two look great and it is obvious they have been trying hard to get healthy.

Recent Post-Surgery Pic

Back in May, TV Shows Ace shared post surgery pics of Gary Shirley and he was looking great already. Gary had sinus surgery, not weight loss surgery, though. He looked a little slimmed down in this pic, but nothing like what he looks like now. Gary shared the pic below to wish his wife Kristina a “Happy Birthday” and this was his first post after surgery.


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New Update From Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley’s weight loss was recently revealed and it is obvious that Kristina and Gary are both working hard to get the weight off. Fans would love to know what he is doing. You can see the pic that was shared below.

Gary is wearing a black t-shirt, shorts, and a backward hat in the pic. Kristina has on a tank top and black jean shorts. They both seem to have been working hard to take the weight off. This pic has been shared on Teen Mom fan accounts, but Gary hasn’t shared it himself just yet. Maybe he was waiting to give fans a before and after.

If Gary or Kristina had weight loss surgery, they haven’t revealed that news to fans. It would be great to get an update directly from them and for the couple to share exactly what they are doing to take the weight off.

Comments On Reddit

Comments on Reddit are going crazy for the couple and fans love how they look. One fan said that Kristina has revealed that they just changed their lifestyle to take the weight off. There is a lot of speculation that they are using weight loss drugs. Here are some of the comments.

  • For everyone in this comment section with something negative to say about semaglutide and terzepatide, I would be happy to educate you on why this medication is not just for diabetics and is life-changing for many of us who take it.
  • Kristina looks great but I really need her to start wearing some sunscreen 😫
  • Good for them. Especially Gary. He was a heart attack waiting to happen. Not even tryna be funny. He was too young to had been that big for that long. It was also not good for Leah to have that kind of lifestyle seen

Are you shocked by Gary Shirley and Kristina’s weight loss pics? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Teen Mom on MTV.

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