‘Young & Pregnant’: Kayla Sessler Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Young And Pregnant Kayla Sessler Accused Of Cultural Appropriation [Credit: Kayla Sessler/Instagram]

Young and Pregnant fans accused Kayla Sessler of cultural appropriation. They claimed that she was black fishing in her latest Instagram video. The term suggests that she was trying to look like a black woman. Kayla is best known for her appearance on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

She recently took to social media to demonstrate tanning lotion. The video in question shows her applying a tanning mousse onto her arm. She titled her Instagram video: “Self-tanning routine.” However, fans think she’s doing more than just achieving a glow. They think she’s trying to look like another race.

Kayla Sessler unveils her “self-tanning routine”

Earlier, this week the Young and Pregnant star took to Instagram to teach her followers how to use her favorite self-tanner from the brand, Get Into the Limelight. Kayla says she swears by this product. The MTV star has been using it “for 3 years now” and she can’t get enough. It’s the only tanning product she uses. She encouraged her fans to try it for themselves using her promo code. Check out the incriminating video for yourself here.

Kayla also demonstrated the product. The reality star wore a black tank top as she looked down at her arm. She wagged her finger at the camera in disappointment. Kayla picked up a bottle of the tanning mousse and glove with a smile on her face.

Young And Pregnant Kayla Sessler [Credit: Kayla Sessler/Instagram]
[Credit: Kayla Sessler/Instagram]
She showed fans how she applies it to her arms, chest, neck, and shoulder. Then, she applied some to her face even though she already had makeup on. She reveals that she adds a little of the tanning product to her foundation.

Young and Pregnant fans weren’t happy with the video. They accused her of trying to look like a black woman. This isn’t the first time that she’s been accused of cultural appropriation. She has done similar stunts in the past.

Young and Pregnant star accused of cultural appropriation

Fans took to Kayla’s Instagram post to call her out. They noted the mousse she uses is several shades darker than her natural skin tone. Some fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them disapproved of the video because they think she’s darkening her skin rather than tanning it.

  • “Trying hard. Huh.”
  • “White girls wanna be tan. Damn these comments.”
  • “Please…this product needs to be banned everywhere.”
  • “How is this even ok oh wait it’s not.”
  • “Y’all funny we all know y’all lying to her like it’s legit black fishing.”

Kayla was last accused of cultural appropriation in August 2021. She shocked Young and Pregnant fans on social media with a photo she posted on her Instagram feed. Kayla looked unrecognizable as she was several shades darker. In September 2021, she followed up with a controversial video that showed her tanner than she normally is.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Young and Pregnant fans that Kayla should be accused of cultural appropriation? Do you think she’s black fishing? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Kayla has the right to get as dark as she wants. Nobody owns the rights to a color. I tan and I am a white person and I like to get dark so get over it and stop shaming her. Nobody can tell her or anybody else how dark they can be. Forget about being politically correct and “woke”. She is beautiful and she looks great!

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