Will MTV’s ‘Young & Pregnant’ Return For Season 3?

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The cast of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise spin-off Young & Pregnant have definitely pushed for a Season 3. Fans have made it clear they are also interested in a Young & Pregnant Season 3. What no one has been really sure of is whether or not MTV wants to renew the series for another season. But, we’ve done a little digging. And, here’s what we know about the possibility of another season.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premiered back in 2018

The Teen Mom franchise spinoff made its debut back in March of 2018. For the most part, it followed a similar format to MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. The series focused on the stories of five different teenagers who were pregnant. Now, Young & Pregnant did not dedicate entire episodes to a single person. Instead, the different storylines flowed throughout the entire season of the show. And, the viewers at home enjoyed getting to see all of the different families instead of just one each week.

During Season 1 of the series, we followed the stories of Brianna Jaramillo, Ashley Jones, Kayla Sessler, Lexi Tatman, and Jade Cline. The five expectants mothers were between the ages of 17 and 21. Noticeably, this age range had some of the girls a little older than what fans saw on 16 and Pregnant.

We know Season 2 of the series premiered on October 22, 2019. Lexi Tatman and Jade Cline did not return. They were swiftly replaced with two new mothers named Rachel Beaver and Kiaya Elliott.

Rumors swirled MTV decided to not to renew

Fans know several members of the cast pushed hard for MTV to renew for Season 3. But, rumors swirled the network had decided a Young & Pregnant Season 3 wasn’t in their best interest. Why? Well, it had a lot to do with low ratings. The series just wasn’t getting the kind of views the network wanted to keep it around. Things, however, appear to have changed since these rumors swirled earlier this year.

In fact, Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported a few months ago that the series would be renewed. This was shocking news for fans as they had already come to terms with the series ending.

So, who will be returning for Season 3 of Young & Pregnant?

According to the outlet, fans will see Kayla Sessler, Ashley Jones, Rachel Beaver, Kaiya Elliott, and Brianna Jaramillo returning for the new season. A source also told the outlet they started filming Season 3 during the month of September. So, perhaps, fans will get to see how these young mother’s responded to the pandemic.

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Ashley’s Reality Roundup continues to explain the production crew working with each girl will have to reside in a quarantine bubble. And, they will be unable to visit with anyone or leave their homes for seven weeks.

They are quarantining the crew one week at hotel [in the states] where they live. Then one week here before filming.”

The source also revealed MTV hopes to make Season 3 at least 12 episodes long.

So, do you like knowing another season of Young & Pregnant is going to happen? Which young mother is your favorite? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.


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