‘Teen Mom’ Star Spills BIG Secret — She’s Pregnant!

Teen Mom Feature - Young and Pregnant

Breaking news for fans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise — one of the mothers has been hiding a big secret: She’s pregnant! This particular Teen Mom star took to Instagram a few hours ago to share the news. After fessing up to the fact that she’s been hiding something big from everyone, she announced she was pregnant.

Which member of the Teen Mom franchise is pregnant? Keep reading for the exciting details!

Teen Mom Star Spills BIG Secret — She’s Pregnant!

“I’ve been keeping this a secret for quite some while now…” The Teen Mom star teased in the caption of her Instagram post. She chased the intro with a baby bump emoji and a white heart.

She exclaimed chasing the announcement with a baby bottle emoji: “I’m very happy/nervous to finally announce that I’m having another baby!!!”


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Rachel Beaver of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is expecting baby #2. Her post included a collection of beautiful baby bump photos as she continued to share her good news in her caption.

These past few months have been full of some of the most life changing moments in my entire life but I wouldn’t change a thing for the world.

Rachel added that she and “daddy” could not wait to meet the baby growing inside of her.

The MTV personality concluded her post by begging her followers to only drop comments if they were kind. She explained it “took a lot” for her to share this news. And, she really didn’t want to deal with any trolls. Check out the baby bump photos she shared below:


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Her Followers React To The News

Rachel’s co-star, Kayla Sessler, jumped into the comments to congratulate her on the exciting news. Kayla exclaimed that having multiple children was a great thing because it was a way to create “built-in best friends.” The comment was liked just shy of 100 times by fans who agreed.

Rachel responded to Kayla’s comment by thanking her before adding that her daughter Hazelee can’t wait to meet her new sibling. Giving the Teen Mom star what she asked, fans poured into the comments with nothing but kind things to say:

  • “Babies are a blessing!! Congrats to you and the dad!!”
  • “Pregnancy looks good on you. Congratulations to you and your little family.”
  • “It’s gonna be hard with two stay strong I hope u have a good support system congrats”

A few fans admitted having multiple young children could be challenging. But, they also believed Rachel was intelligent and mature. So, she would figure out how to make it work. Moreover, many fans agreed she looked incredible in these baby bump photos.


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Are you surprised to learn Rachel Beaver of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is pregnant with baby #2? Did you know she was in a relationship with someone? Share your thoughts on this bombshell with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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