‘Teen Mom’ Behind The Feud Between Mackenzie & Kayla

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Season 3 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion is airing on television now. During the reunion, Mackenzie McKee has reunited with several other Teen Mom alums, including Kayla Sessler. A couple of years ago, the two women were in a pretty spicy Twitter feud. Keep reading to find out what happened between the two moms and whether or not the beef is squashed now.

Mackenzie McKee & Kayla Sessler Come Face To Face For The First Time

Family Reunion gives the cast members a chance to get away from their busy lives as moms. This season, they are all living together in a villa in Cartagena, Colombia. Mackenzie McKee arrived at the villa with her boyfriend, Khesanio Hall. The couple has run into a few people whom Mackenzie had previously had arguments with.

Cheyenne Floyd and Mackenzie had problems with each other, but those issues seem to be resolved now. Then, she saw Kayla Sessler. Before this point, Mackenzie had never met Kayla in person. However, the two women had a fairly public feud on Twitter, now known as X, a few years ago.

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Kayla Sessler appeared on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant during seasons 1 through 4. Later, she was on Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. On Girls Night In, Kayla joined several of her Young & Pregnant co-stars in watching old episodes of Teen Mom OG. 

What Was Behind The Feud Between The Teen Mom Alums?

On the screen was Mackenzie McKee. “Of course, we’re gonna start with the boring one,” Kayla blurted out as the show started to dive into Mackenzie’s story. After hearing about what Kayla said, the Teen Mom OG star decided to fire back on social media. Keep in mind, this was in November 2022.

“Idk who or what young and pregnant is. But apparently they be hatin’,” she wrote on Twitter at the time. Kayla Sessler took the time to respond to Mackenzie’s tweet. 

“Ma’am calling you ‘boring’ isn’t hatin’, at your age it should be a compliment. At 30, I pray my storyline has calmed down, and I get called boring,” she wrote.

Screenshot of Teen Mom Kayla Sessler's response to Mackenzie Mckee - X
X/Kayla Sessler

The feud between the two women never developed any further than that though. A few fans commented on the exchange, but neither of the Teen Mom alums continued the conversation. All in all, it was a minor interaction between the two moms, but it could be enough to ruffle feathers in the house during Season 3 of Family Reunion. 

It isn’t clear whether or not Mackenzie and Kayla will squash any beef they have and work on building a relationship with each other or not. Fans can watch how things unfold on Teen Mom: Family Reunion on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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