Sean Lowe Weighs In On Joan Vassos’ ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Men

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Bachelor alum, Sean Lowe experienced the ABC franchise, and he weighed in on the men in Joan Vassos’ Golden Bachelorette. Everyone knows she debuted on the Golden Bachelor but self-eliminated. So, not every Bachelor Nation viewer is thrilled about that.

ABC’s Sean Lowe Understands The  Golden Bachelor?

A lot of the time, Sean, who met and married Catherine Giudici on his Bachelor season, seems to joke about being unhappily married. But it’s far from the truth. They raise three gorgeous kids together and stayed happily married for a decade. So, he’s probably qualified to talk about the cast for Joan Vassos.

Catherine Giudici Lowe and Sean Lowe via YouTube
Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe via YouTube

Sean Lowe didn’t watch much of The Golden Bachelor, but Catherine Giudici keeps him updated. He concluded that Gerry Turner seemed just as immature as some of the younger contestants. The fans of The Bachelor franchise don’t yet know the contestants for the upcoming season. However, they might be similar to other Bachelorette hopefuls: a bunch of different men with different personalities and insecurities.

The Men For Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos

US Weekly caught up with ABC alum, Sean on May 24, and he opened up about the incoming Golden Bachelorette, Joan Vassos. From his own experiences, and from hearing about a decade of ABC dating spinoffs, he reached some interesting conclusions.

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Sean Lowe told the outlet that he expected The Golden Bachelorette men for Joan Vassos will be much the same as any men. He explained:

…Do men ever fully mature? I’m not so sure. … Casting men, whether they’re 25 or 65, is probably going to be a challenge regardless of age. [However], I’ve got faith in The Bachelor. Those people know what they’re doing. They can probably collect 25 eligible, good looking, charismatic, older guys if they really set out to do that.

Catherine Giudici initiated the concern that older men might end up like Gerry Turner and mess with Joan’s head. She questioned Gerry’s personality after he dumped Theresa Nist. Here’s something to think about. It’s not unheard of for people from one show to appear in another spinoff. Imagine if Gerry Turner gets a second chance with Joan. But, it probably won’t happen, as he’s busy keeping the company of celebs like the Kardashians. Still, there might be similar personalities among the contestants.

What are your thoughts about Bachelor alum, Sean Lowe thinking that men of all ages tend to be immature? Do you agree that Gerry Turner from The Golden Bachelor verified that? Importantly, is Joan Vassos prepared to discover that dating a bunch of older men might be just as nervewracking as dating a younger pool? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelorette news.

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