Andy Cohen Has ‘Housewives’ Pick For ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Andy Cohen-YouTube

Andy Cohen has his pick as to which of the Real Housewives he would want as The Golden Bachelorette. Though the role has already been given to Joan Vassos, that does not mean Andy will not weigh in on the situation. So, who would he have chosen if he had his way? Keep reading for all of the details.

Andy Cohen Has Housewives Pick For Golden Bachelorette

Many of the Real Housewives are not actually married anymore which is the running joke of the series. None of the women on Beverly Hills are married and if they are, they are separated. Yet, when the show began, almost all of the cast were in happy or pseudo-happy marriages. Same with the OG RHONY where all of the women, with the exception of Bethenny Frankel. They were married and living their best lives and by the end, things were completely different. Call it the reality show curse but there are several single women in the Bravoverse and Andy Cohen knows them all.

Andy Cohen-YouTube
Andy Cohen-YouTube

With the insane popularity of The Golden Bachelor, there was bound to be a spinoff, The Golden Bachelorette. Though it was more than likely that they would choose one of Gerry Turner’s rejected women, Andy had high hopes for one of the Housewives. According to Reality Tea, he opened up about it on his SiriusXM radio show. In his opinion, though he is happy for Joan, the network dropped the ball not casting RHONY OG Luann de Lesseps.

“I sure wish it would have been Countess Luann,” he continued. “I think that would have been amazing.”

Luann de Lesseps-Instagram
Luann de Lesseps-Instagram

Of course, Andy Cohen’s co-host John Hill teased Luann’s penchant for men and said there’d be a “fantasy suite every night” with her. She notoriously hooked up with “the pirate,” Tomas in St. Barths in Season 5 which she later denied. Furthermore, she has been accused of stealing the other girls’ men repeatedly. However, Andy made something very clear about the Countess:

“Let me put it this way. She would have f-cked the ones she wanted to. She has ownership.”

She has also expressed she wants to be the lead on the show so they are on the same page.

Age Is A Factor

Though Andy Cohen really would like to see Countess Luann de Lesseps as The Golden Bachelorette, he needs to take age into account. The women of The Golden Bachelor were between 60 and 75 whereas Lu just turned 59. Therefore, give it one more year and enough of a demand and this could actually happen. Or, Andy could propose a Bravo version of the show where single and popular housewives of all ages get to have the same Bachelorette experience. Maybe some single Bravo men can even vy for their love.


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