‘On Patrol: Live’ Brings Special Guest For Memorial Day Weekend

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On Patrol: Live is bringing on a very special guest for its Memorial Day weekend episodes. First off, fans are shocked that the show is even airing over the holiday weekend. Therefore, they are thrilled with that revelation. Yet, who will be in studio to add to the fun, commentary, and over-the-top drama? Keep reading for more details.

On Patrol: Live Brings Special Guest For Memorial Day Weekend

During certain holidays, On Patrol: Live tends to go on a brief or two-week hiatus and this enrages viewers. Though they do not mind special encore episodes, they would prefer the action of all new episodes especially when there is a long weekend ahead. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and for some, a three-day break. It was unclear if OPL was going to be airing two new episodes due to the holiday but, as it turns out, it will be, and with a very special guest.

On Patrol Live-YouTube
On Patrol Live-YouTube

Curtis Wilson was absent for a short time so he had some great guests filling in. Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin is seemingly not coming back, despite the promo pics keeping his presence alive and well. So, who will be swinging by the studio? According to the show’s Twitter/X account, it is none other than fan favorite, Captain Tom Rizzo.

Immediately, the good news was picked up by a Reddit thread by a fan who could not wait to see Captain Rizzo back on the show. So, were other On Patrol: Live equally as excited?

  • Yes! He’s deff on my fav host list!
  • I thought the show would be off this weekend. Good to see Rizzo back!
  • Yay! I love Rizzo. Make him official!
  • Obviously he is going to be permanent next season even though they’re both boring

Twitter lit up, as well:

Fun Stuff Ahead

Aside from Captain Tom Rizzo spicing up Memorial Day weekend, a lot of fun stuff is coming for On Patrol: Live. After the holiday, the Hazen Police Department is said to be returning, according to Chief Bradley Taylor. They took another brief hiatus to do more hunting and to spend time with their families. It is baseball season so they wanted to be around to watch the kids play and travel with the teams. However, Chief Taylor said they would be back after Memorial Day so stick around for his next announcement.

Are you excited about the holiday weekend lineup? Let us know and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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