‘On Patrol’ Fans Thrilled About New Police Series On The CW

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On Patrol Live fans are excited about a new police series that premiered on The CW this week. If you’re a fan of COPS and other similar programs, keep reading to learn more about the new police show.

Details About Police 24/7 On The CW

Reddit user posted about the new police series to an On Patrol subreddit. Generally, fans discuss various episodes of On Patrol on the forum and they will talk about officers they frequently see.

However, this post was about a new show called Police 24/7. It first aired on The CW on Monday night. It is a taped show, not live like On Patrol.

Suspect from Episode 1 of Police 24/7 - YouTube/Police 24.7
YouTube/Police 24.7

The show’s format is similar to COPS where viewers essentially get to take a ride along with police officers. Each season follows eight police departments. Unlike COPSPolice 24/7 episodes seem to air two to three months after being filmed. COPS typically aired six months to one year after they were initially filmed.

On The CW website, the description for the first episode says, “Men and women in law enforcement agencies across the U.S. work to keep the streets safe from crime.”

In the first episode, viewers followed five police departments. They included the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, Tallahassee PD in Florida, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia, and Wilmington PD in North Carolina.

On Patrol Fans Weigh In On New Police Series

Fans of On Patrol are always looking for similar shows to watch. So, once the information was shared on Reddit, other viewers were excited to weigh in on the new CW show.

“Noice!” one fan exclaimed, “I’ve been watching the Cops reruns and man… they’re a bit grim. I mean, we watched it back when they aired and I don’t remember so many corpses and gruesome mayhem being on there.”

Episode 1 of Police 24/7 - YouTube/Police 24.7
YouTube/Police 24.7

“OMG something to watch during the week! YAY! All the COPS and JAIL shows are too full of those sad commercials,” another viewer wrote. “I can’t take it!”

Several people weighed in on the first episode, saying that they enjoyed watching it. One viewer even said that might enjoy Police 24/7 more than On Patrol Live. A second fan agreed, saying that On Patrol could get “stale” from time to time.

The CW app is free to download and you are able to watch shows on the app for free the day after they air live. There is one episode available on the app now for fans wanting to check out the new police series.

Police 24/7 will air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. It can be streamed via The CW app the following day.

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