Michael Strahan Shares Adorable Reel Of Isabella & Sophia, Video

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Good Morning America host, Michael Strahan has twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan, 19, and he delighted fans when he shared an adorable video of them a few days ago. His caption and the content of the reel captivated his GMA fans, as it seemed heart-melting.

GMA Fans Love Michael Strahan’s Support For His Kids

On Good Morning America in January, Isabella Strahan and her dad revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer. Her brain cancer seemed terrifying, but she believed that she would fight her way through it. Meanwhile, her father spoke about her “crushing it.” It’s a scary condition to fight, but the GMA host is there for her, and full of support as is her sister, Sophia.

Sophia Isabella Michael Strahan YouTube
Sophia and Isabella Strahan Before Isabella Fell Ill – Michael Strahan YouTube

Good Morning America fans saw that Michael Strahan seems like the best dad because he cares for his kids so much. While Isabella was recovering from brain surgery, he arranged for her favorite musician to drop in and see her. That made her smile from ear to ear. This week, he shared a reel that got her face lighting up with laughter.

Adorable Reel Of Isabella Strahan & Sophia With Their Pup

When GMA fans saw Sophia and Isabella Strahan playing with their pup, Enzo on Instagram, they sat on the carpet opposite each other. Next, they laid one hand on top of the other sister’s hand. Then, their pup placed his paw on top of both their hands. Fans agreed that the reaction by Isabella was priceless as she burst out laughing.

This is what love looks like - Michael Strahan - Instagram
‘This is what love looks like’ – Michael Strahan – Instagram

Michael Strahan said in his reel, “Have you ever just looked at someone and say, ‘So this is what love looks like?” Additionally, in his caption, the GMA host said:

These three are amazing but who is my favorite🤔? LOL❤️❤️

In the comments, fans expressed their appreciation, and lots of them wrote down their thoughts. Here is a selection of those opinions:

  • THIS is exactly what LOVE looks like @michaelstrahan.
  • It’s such joy to see Isabella’s smile.
  • This is pure love ❤️🐾🥰
  • I’m so glad Isabella is happy 😊 that’s helps with her healing.❤️🙏
  • This video made me happy 😊 I’m overwhelmed with joy to see your girls and Enzo! 😍😍❤️❤️🙏❤️
  • It’s good seeing your daughter doing well, my wife and I call out her name every day for total healing 🙏🏾

What are your thoughts on Michael Strahan’s reel that he shared of his daughters, Sophia, and Isabella Strahan playing with their pup? Did it make you feel good? And, did Isabella’s smile melt your heart? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Good Morning America news.

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