Jon Bon Jovi Talks Rock Star Life With Michael Strahan

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Bon Jovi is one of the most successful bands of all time. They are still rocking four decades after their debut. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his bumpy marriage and the rock star life in a new interview with ABC’s Michael Strahan.

Bon Jovi Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Hulu Docuseries

Bon Jovi has fans in many countries around the world, but the band got its start in a small town in New Jersey in the early 1980s. The original band consisted of keyboardist David Bryan, vocalist and band namesake Jon Bon Jovi, drummer Tico Torres, bassist Alec John Such and guitarist Richie Sambora.

It wasn’t until they released their third album, Slippery When Wet, that they gained fame. The album included three top 10 singles, including their most popular song, “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Jon Bon Jovi in 'Always' music video/Credit: Bon Jovi YouTube
Jon Bon Jovi in ‘Always’ music video/Credit: Bon Jovi YouTube

The band took a brief hiatus after the success of their fourth album, New Jersey. They reunited in 1992 to released Keep The Faith. Founding member Alec John Such left the band in 1994. He sadly passed away in 2022.

Bon Jovi took another hiatus from 1996 until they released Crush in 2000. They went on to release more albums and tour in the years following. Richie Sambora abruptly left the band in 2013 in the middle of a tour.

The band continued on without him. A new Hulu series documents the band’s rise to success and 40 years of longevity.

The four-part docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story premieres on the streamer on Friday, April 26. It will feature all past and current members of the band, including Richie Sambora.

Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Bumpy Marriage, Rock Star Life

Jon Bon Jovi has been doing press and interviews for weeks in anticipation of the documentary. But fans have something to look forward to after they finish binge-watching all four episodes.

The Bon Jovi frontman sits down with ABC’s Michael Strahan for an exclusive interview airing on Sunday, April 28, at 10 p.m. In a preview clip, Jon Bon Jovi opens up about his marriage to high-school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley. The couple famously eloped in 1989.

Jon Bon Jovi previously admitted to PEOPLE magazine that he wasn’t always faithful to his wife while on the road. He talks more about that during the new interview with the Good Morning America co-anchor.

“I’m a rock and roll star. I’m not a saint,” he confessed. However, he was never going to “jeopardize anything” with his behavior while away from home.

According to Monsters & Critics, the rocker goes on to credit his wife’s patience and tolerance for their marriage lasting nearly 35 years now.

Jon Bon Jovi also admits there is a downside to the rock star life. “The road is not always rainbows and unicorns,” he told Michael Strahan in the preview clip.

One downside for fans was Richie Sambora’s departure from the band. He shares his side of the story in the Hulu documentary.

What’s Next For Popular ’80s Band?

Bon Jovi’s future was hanging in the balance after the lead singer started having trouble with the vocals. The docuseries will detail the surgery he had on his vocal cords and if it was successful.

The band just released a new single, “Legendary” and is releasing a full album called Forever in June. Will the documentary or Michael Strahan interview end with a retirement announcement or a new tour? Tune in this weekend to find out.

Jon Bon Jovi will also make an appearance on the American Idol finale on May 19, 2024.

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