‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Nailah Salahuddin’s Mother-In-Law Her Aunt?

Nailah Salahuddin - Seeking Sister Wife TLC YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife couple Naeem and Nailah Salahuddin are newcomers to TLC and now, fans are trying to figure out if her mother-in-law, Jamila (Jameelah) is also her aunt. Would that make them double cousins? If that’s the case, then there are a lot more secrets in the Muslim couple’s relationships than expected.

Nailah Salahuddin & Naeem Have A Very Complex Family

TLC fans are used to weird situations and secrets between couples in Seeking Sister Wife. The lawsuits for unpaid rent seem to be a very minor part of the family secrets in the light of new information. The Muslim couple from Pennsylvania raise lots of kids. In fact, they have about six or seven of them. And, it seems they are more closely related than previously; thought.

Naeem and Nailah Salahuddin - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC YouTube
Naeem and Nailah Salahuddin – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC YouTube

Nailah Salahuddin’s secret mental illness news seems minor in comparison to new discussions that she and Naeem might be more closely related than TLC fans suspected. If you don’t know, they might be closer than first cousins. They might actually be double first cousins sharing a common set of grandparents involving two people rather than four. Would that make them genetic siblings?

Seeking Sister Wife Gets Weirder

Why did the new discussion on Reddit arise? Well, it started when Nailah, who seems to fight with her mother-in-law a lot, called her “Aunty.” It’s not a term commonly used for a mother-in-law, but in some cultures, it could be a term of respect. In this case, though, some TLC fans suspect she called her an aunt because she is one.

Naeem's mom, Jamila - Seeking Sister Wife - YouTube
Naeem’s mom, Jamila (Jameelah) – Seeking Sister Wife – YouTube

The OP on Reddit shared an interesting conversation from YouTube comments that indicate Nailah Salahuddin and Naeem are more closely related than fans thought. In it. The OP said in their caption:

I’ll just leave this here for everyone…

Is Nailah Salahuddin's MIL Her Aunt - Via reddit
Is Nailah Salahuddin’s MIL Her Aunt? – Via Reddit

Seeking Sister Wife fans saw from the screenshot that someone named Alisha claimed:

…they are first cousins and they are my my first cousins. Naeem has two kids from a prior relationship. Nailah hjas three kids from a prior relationship, 2 from an Egyptian guy she was with and one with another guy. They have one kid together as first cousin parents.

According to Destinee Salahuddin, Nailah Salahuddin, and Naeem have three daughters, which was confirmed in Nailah’s comment on YouTube. Naturally, that got Seeking Sister Wife fans digging down rabbit holes.

Joining The Dots Between The Kids And The Aunt

In the comments, after TLC fans fried their minds, many of them decided that Naeem and the mother of three of Naeem’s kids seem very closely related:

  • Wait. What…Am I reading this and connecting the dots correctly?Holy s–t-. I just remembered when nailah was fighting with her mother in law-she did call her auntie.
  • This is why MIL is so against them.
  • First cousins is freaky enough.. now they want to involve everyone in their polyamory, even after mom made it very clear that she wants no parts in it. There has to be way more to the story… lots of secrets 🧐😟
  • Their mothers are sisters and I think both have the Salahuddin last name. I wonder if they married brothers??
  • Double cousins are genetically siblings!! They have two sets of grandparents instead of four.

You can find the comments about Nailah Salahuddin and Naeem being cousins in the video below:

What are your thoughts? Are you glad that a number of the children by Naeem and Nailah Salahuddin seem to be cleared up? What about the probability that the couple are double cousins? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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