‘Doubling Down With Derricos’ Karen Gets Bad News About House

Doubling Down With the Derricos got a teaser for the June 4 episode, and Karen Derrico heard some bad news about the house. In the original trailer, the kids and their mom all seemed happy about it. However, some tension arose on Valentine’s Day when Deon Derrico described some of the problems with the home. Read on to find out what’s happening with the TLC stars.

DDWTD Karen Derrico & Deon Clash

Tension between the Doubling Down With the Derricos’ parents isn’t unknown. You might recall in Season 4, that Deon Derrico shocked Karen when the kids got too noisy. He stormed out of the house in a bad temper, saying “I’m out of here. I can’t deal with this.” Well, with 14 active kids, almost anyone might lose it occasionally.

DDWTD Karen Derrico
Karen and Deon Derrico – DDWTD – TLC

Karen Derrico and Deon do not often clash, but in the latest season, there seems to be more of it. In fact, they had a yelling match over Darian’s study choices. Most TLC fans hope that it’s all just manufactured drama for the show, and that’s not an improbable scenario. Now, spoilers reveal more tension about the new house.

DDWTD Bad News From Deon Derrico On Valentine’s Day

A new teaser for the show posted on YouTube revealed that the couple went to look at the new house that Deon’s renovating for the family. As it was Valentine’s Day, he surprised his wife with some red roses. Taking them, Karen Derrico smiled, but he wasn’t taken in by it. So, he asked her, “Why do you have that grin that’s a pretend grin?”

Karen and Deon Derrico Clash Over The House - DDWTD - TLC - YouTube
Karen and Deon Derrico Clash Over The House – DDWTD – TLC – YouTube

Karen Derrico started complaining because the progress on the renovations seemed too slow for her liking. So, her husband said that things take time, and that’s why he never takes her to his business projects. Then, he gave the bad news that made Karen flip out. He said:

There’s been all types of issues with this house, [like] mold.

After even worse news arrived that it was a bad infestation and it was the dangerous “black” kind, his wife reacted strongly. The TLC star raised her voice, saying, “Black mold!…why didn’t you tell me what’s going on in the house?”

The Doubling Down with the Derricos patriarch assured her that he took care of it and brought someone in who knew what they doing. Additionally, he reminded her that he’d never put the “family in a precarious or dangerous situation. Ever.”

What are your thoughts about Karen Derrico getting a shock when Deon told her that there was mold in the new house? She also seemed disappointed because her husband doesn’t tell her everything that’s going on. Sound off in the comments below, and come back for all your Doubling Down With the Derricos news.

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