‘Seeking Sister Wife’ How Many Kids Do Becky & Justin Have?

Seeking Sister Wife fans wonder how many children Becky and Justin Ryan have, and they seem very confused about it. However, a discussion about the TLC couple went down some deep rabbit holes. Certainly, they seem like an unusual couple compared to the rest of the cast.

SSW Becky And Justin Ryan Campaigned For Office

A lot of TLC fans didn’t know that Justin’s full name is Justin Ryan Cunneen. That news emerged in early April when fans discovered that he ran for Governor of Texas. Notably, his campaign didn’t mention his leanings toward polygamy. Neither did it mention that Becky’s stepfather, Tony Alamo was jailed for marrying children, and Mark Cunneen, Justin’s dad was possibly part of his cult. What most of them do know, is that Justin and Becky married very young, when she was only 15.

SSW - Becky & Justin Ryan - TLC
SSW – Becky & Justin Ryan – TLC

Becky and Justin Ryan are newbies in Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. They married nearly 30 years ago and they look for women to join the family. Their favorite stalking ground seems to be in bars. One woman seemed interested but failed to commit, so the hunt goes on. There’s a new rumor that they already have another wife, but she won’t appear on the TLC show. That’s how a question about how many kids they have became rather complex.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Discuss The Children And More

On Reddit, a confused SSW fan asked about the children, saying:

Justin & Becky’s children
So they have 2 children together but have 6 in total and have been married for 26 years. So did he step out of his marriage with other women? How many baby mamas does he have? Are the other 4 adopted? I’m so confused.


Justin Ryan and Becky Go Wife Hunting - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC YouTube
Justin Ryan and Becky Go Wife Hunting – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC YouTube

TLC fans who contributed to the conversation decided that Becky and Justin Ryan have two kids at home and four who grew up and moved away. However, others raised even more questions which made it difficult to say. For example, a whole conversation started when a follower claimed that Becky said they have a sister wife already. 

  • The clip where he’s talking to his date, and he kinda hems and haws and says he has six kids “total”. I took this to mean he’s had another “wife” in the past that’s left. He also said he need[s] to be more upfront.
  • They have a sister Wife already. She doesn’t want to be on the show…I’m pretty sure Becky mentioned it in one of the Facebook groups I’m in for the show.
  • So maybe she’s the one who was taking care of the dog that was in that crate when they got home from creeping on that lady 10 hours away. [I] was thinking, I hope that dog wasn’t left alone in a crate for 2 days.

The Rabbit Hole

While the parentage of the kids didn’t get resolved, a lot of people felt shocked because they didn’t realize how deeply involved they were in Tony’s cult. Some people are only now discovering the docuseries titled Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult. One fan said, “Their storyline has been boring, but I feel like there’s a huge rabbit hole of craziness to their backstory that isn’t being explored on the show. I need to go watch that documentary.”

What are your thoughts about Becky and Justin Ryan on SSW? Do you know about her stepfather, Tony Alamo, and the Ministry of Evil documentary? What do you think of the claim that Becky and Justin already have another wife who doesn’t want to be seen on the TLC show? Could some of the kids be hers? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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