‘SSW’ The Winders Share A HUGE Family Update

The Winders/Seeking Sister Wife/Facebook

Seeking Sister Wife alums the Winders are sharing a huge family update for their followers. It has been an eventful several months for them. They revealed on Christmas that first wife, Tami was expecting her second child after battling fertility issues. Then, second wife, Sophie suffered a miscarriage just days after. Now, they are back with a huge update and it is really beautiful. Read on for more details.

The Winders Share A HUGE Family Update

When Colton, Tami, and Sophie were not announced for the Season 4 cast of Seeking Sister Wife, fans were not happy. They loved how genuine and relatable the family was. More so, this was a true plural family with real values. They did not just want to court and marry someone for ratings but rather followed their hearts. Additionally, their focus was on growing their family. Tami and Colton had one child and then Sophie welcomed two kids, a little boy with a girl following.

The Winders/Seeking Sister Wife/Facebook
[The Winders-Facebook]
However, Tami really wanted to add to her brood but faced fertility struggles. Finally, she sought medical intervention, and, by Christmas 2022, the Winders revealed that she was expecting her second child. A little girl would be joining the family. Now, Colton is back to give an update on how Tami is doing and to show off her growing bump. In an Instagram post, he shared a photo of Tami, who is beaming in a yellow top and holding her bump. In the last pic, she is happily sitting on the floor with the youngest Winder baby.


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“✨29 weeks! And a cute little sidekick! She’s not gonna be the baby too much longer! ✨#MamaTami #BabyBella #BumpPic #AdventuresInWinderland,” Colton captioned the post. Fans were quick to comment as they know how badly Tami wanted to have more babies. “So happy for you all but very especially for Tami! 💙💙💙,” one follower wrote. Another added: “ahhhh! congrats!!! you’re radiant mama!!” Finally, one wrote: “Our prayers answered! You look amazing Tami! So happy for your entire family! ❤️🙏”

Fans Want The Winders Back

In the middle of their congratulations, fans were eager to tell the Winders how much they loved and missed them. It was a hard adjustment to not have them on Seeking Sister Wife this season. Yet, it made sense because their love and family were so pure. However, Tami and Sophie went on and started a podcast to keep those interested up to date on their lives. They have a YouTube channel and a blog so followers won’t miss a moment.

Are you excited to see Tami glowing with her beautiful baby bum? More so, would you like to see the Winders return to television at some point? Let us know in the comments below.

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