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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Sophie Winder Announces Big Surprise

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Former Seeking Sister Wife stars the Winders were sorely missed during Season 4. Some fans did not even want to watch the show when they shared they would not be back. However, the family understood the reasoning behind TLC’s casting choices and why they were on the cutting room floor. Still, viewers loved how genuine Tami, Sophie, and Colton were in their search for love. Now, they have big news and cannot wait to share it with their faithful followers.

Seeking Sister Wife Winder Family Surprise

Once the Winders were no longer a part of the hit TLC reality series, they were free to enter new endeavors. They had a few focuses. One of the big ones was Colton’s first wife, Tami attempting to get pregnant. She had struggled with fertility though she had a beautiful daughter, Sadie. As for his second wife, Sophie, she welcomed her first child in Season 3. Then, she learned that they were having a baby girl. Though Tami was excited to expand the family, she had admitted on the show that there were times it was difficult. She had dreamed of having a big family so not being able to do that took a toll.

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Sophie, Tami

Shortly after the Season 4 cast was announced and the Winders were not a part of it, they shared that they understood why. They knew the show was going in a different direction and were grateful for their time in the series. Furthermore, the family shared that they had big things ahead and that included a podcast. It is called Winder Wives and it is hosted by Tami and Sophie. Earlier, Sophie shared that they had a huge family surprise which is beyond exciting for them. What could it be?

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Tami and Sophie’s new podcast room

The ladies have upgraded their podcast room! Along with some fun and fresh decor, they have also snagged a discount for their loyal followers who would like to switch up their space, as well. They shared this big news on the family’s Instagram page and were beaming in a series of photos. The mamas ended it with this: “Tell us what you think of our new space! We are soo excited to have a dedicated space to do our podcasts with you!”

Growing & Becoming One

Though Sophie and Tami Winder are getting along famously right now, the Seeking Sister Wife stars had a rough start. When they first appeared in Season 2, the wives lived in different homes. Tami lived with Colton and their daughter, Sadie. As for Sophie, she had her own home. Colton would come by and the goal for them being on the show was to try to come out as a plural family. They had more genuine motives since they believed in this for religious reasons. Fans did not truly care for Colton in the beginning but he grew on everyone. By Season 3, they had started courting someone new, Kimberley while Sophie was pregnant.

The family also was living under one roof and their bond was stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the vibe between Kimberley and Colton just was not there. So, their focus was back on Tami’s fertility. They were far purer than the other couples thus they did not make it to Season 4 but it appears they are thriving. Have you listened to their podcast yet? If so, do you like it? Plus, did you like Seeking Sister Wife without them? Let us know in the comments below.


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