NBC Cancels Another Fan-Favorite Show After One Season

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NBC has joined other networks in adding to the slew of cancellations on television. It was announced that a new fan-favorite comedy series would be canceled after just one season. Continue reading for the details about what the latest cancellation is and what’s behind it.

NBC Decides Against Renewing New Comedy Series

Extended Family was granted a pilot episode in 2022. The pilot wound up being a great success and several big names signed up to be part of the show. Some of the names included in the project were Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men), Abigail Spencer (Grey’s Anatomy), and Donald Faison (Scrubs).

However, when they started filming, it was delayed by the strikes, which went on for several months. They were able to film six episodes before the strikes, leaving the remaining seven episodes left to film once production resumed four days after the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Eventually, Extended Family finally premiered on NBC in December 2023.

Extended Family followed the stories of Jim (Cryer) and Julia (Spencer) who are navigating family life together. The show depicted various challenges of taking care of their kids following a divorce.

Jon Cryer and Abigail Spencer - YouTube/NBC

There is bad news for fans of the new NBC comedy. The network has decided not to renew the show after airing for only one season.

While NBC didn’t provide viewers with an official reason for the cancellation, Extended Family was heavily impacted by the SAG-AFTRA strikes. Like many other shows right now, those struggles have led to the program to its end after just 13 episodes.

Despite Extended Family becoming a new fan-favorite, NBC decided to renew other shows instead. Night Court, Lopez vs. Lopez, and Happy’s Place were all renewed by the network.

Fans Say Goodbye To Extended Family 

Since the news of the show’s cancellation broke, several fans took to social media to express their upset.

“@nbc I’m over you too. How dare you cancel Extended Family,” one fan wrote on X. “How does NBC expect to rebuild their once-impenetrable sitcom reign if they keep canceling all of the new ones after only one season? What happened to actually investing in your shows?” another person wrote. “I swear to God! It’s like NBC don’t want viewers!!!” a third person commented.

Donald Faison - YouTube/NBC

Prior to the news of the show’s cancellation, creator Mike O’Malley said that he was “optimistic” about Extended Family‘s future.

“But I’ve been around long enough to know that 80 million things could happen between now and then,” he said at the time. “I think our ratings have been good. Everyone in our business knows how hard it is to find stories, write stories, write episodes. The cast is unbelievable. We also have great kids. Everyone knows how hard it is to get a cast that feels like a family and is good at making sitcoms.”

Right now, there are no plans for Extended Family to be picked up by a streaming service or otherwise.

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  1. What a disappointment the last episode was really entertaining although this genre is not my type. What i’m really upset about is Abigail’s series Timeless getting canceled it made historical education entertaining. And I have to admit she is extremely easy on the eyes.

  2. After reading this story I am sad that I didn’t even know the show was out, let alone cancelled. This sounded like a good family show, which we all know, the good family shows are the ones that get the boot!
    NBC, you really need to listen to your viewers, before you do not have any viewers left!

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