CBS Execs Share Real Reason For ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’s Cancellation

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NCIS star revealedFans have expressed their disappointment with CBS after the network announced that it wouldn’t be renewing a popular NCIS spinoff. Since then viewers have started online petitions to bring NCIS: Hawai’i back, but it doesn’t look like it is going to make any difference. The network shared the real reason that the show is going off-air. Continue reading to find out what it is.

Hollywood Strikes Had A Hand In NCIS: Hawai’i Cancellation

Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, spoke about keeping the lineup fresh. 

“It is incumbent on us to always keep the schedule fresh, keep momentum going,” she said. “Everything came back [from the Hollywood strikes] really strong, but ultimately we have to look at the cohesiveness of the schedule flow. We have to evaluate the financials and the performance overall, and we make tough decisions.”

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Reisenbach said there was no chance that the decision about NCIS: Hawai’i would be reversed. There is also no chance of it being picked up by the network’s streaming service.

Vanessa Lachey ‘Blindsided’ By The End Of The Show

Vanessa Lachey, who has starred in the series for three seasons, made an emotional Instagram post about the network’s decision. The video showed the NCIS: Hawai’i star wiping away tears looking out at the ocean. Then she blows a kiss to the camera.

Lachey, who played special agent Jane Tennant, wrote a touching caption for fans.

“Forever your Sweet Jane … This was the same spot where I filmed episode 1,” she wrote. “I sat here at 2am [in] June 2021 and stared into the ocean.” The NCIS star revealed, ” I asked her to protect me, my family, my crew and our show. I told her we will do all we can to protect the grace and integrity of Hawai’i while also sharing her Beauty with the world.”


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Continuing, Vanessa Lachey said that she hoped everyone involved with the NCIS spinoff would “remember the Beauty of what we had” and “spread this Aloha in every direction we go.”

After that, she went on to say how she wished that everyone involved in NCIS: Hawai’i had more time before the show wrapped up. “I wish we had a proper good-bye, I’m sorry we didn’t. I know we ALL are connected deeper than any TV show.

She continued, “I will go to the ends of the earth for my cast & crew! If you come across ANY of them… hire them! You won’t be disappointed. Salt of the earth people!”

According to Lachey, everyone was “blindsided” by the network’s decision. CBS also decided to cancel CSI: Vegas and the legal drama So Help Me Todd. 

The last episode of NCIS: Hawai’i will air on Monday, May 6 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

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    1. NCIS HAWAII should NOT be cancelled!!!!!!! It along with NCIS are two of the best shows ever on TV right now!!!! All shows are being canceled and replaced by stupid game shows!!!!! Why not come up with a special “Streaming Channel” for Game Shows????? And KEEP NCIS HAWAII? PLEASE BRING IT BACK?????

  1. I really don’t get it sometimes. A show that has great potential and is very popular and shows it because of its audience, gets cancelled. I can get it sometimes that some shows have ran their course and there is nothing else to tell. But when it is abruptly canceled and the actors didn’t know that is wrong. For those of us that loved this show are really mad and saddened that there wasn’t a finished ending. NCIS Hawaii was different and that is why it was loved and liked by so many. It just sucks that when we get sucked into a show and enjoy it immensely liked by so many, that for some reason they cancel it. It is like the show Scorpion. That show ended with a cliffhanger and we will never know what happened.

    I do hope that another network can pick it up and continue where they left off.

    If it is money, then try and work something out and try to come to some sort of an agreement, like I said, especially if the shoe was extremely popular. Just sucks

  2. They want to keep it fresh? Yet they keep Blue Bloods, which has been stale for a few years. How does that make sense?

      1. Blue Bloods is our favorite show. My husband and I look forward to watching it every Friday night. The viewers love it, the actors want it renewed why in the world would you drop a number 1 show. Listen to the viewers. Perhaps another channel can pick it up like they have done with other top programs. Please, please let Blue Bloods live on.
        Signed by A VERY UNHAPPY FAN

  3. I knew something was up when you brought Sam Hannah onto the show. I knew it was for rating, look this show is a great showing I would hate to have to stop watching CBS that night.

  4. Wish that NCIS Hawaii would continue. I hope the one about Australia – NCIS SYDNEY is gone. It was awful!!!

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