‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Baffled After ‘Ridiculous’ Answer

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Not a week goes by when Steve Harvey isn’t absolutely stunned by a contestant’s answer on Family Feud. A recent answer to a survey question left Steve complaining about how “ridiculous” the show has become. Continue reading to see what had the game show host baffled.

Steve Harvey Was Shocked By This Contestant’s Answer

Family Feud frequently shares clips from the show on social media. The official Instagram page for the game show shared a video last week of an answer that had Steve Harvey stunned silent.

The contestant, Mandi, was asked, “What’s something Superman would take off his cape to do?” After some stuttering, Mandi finally came up with an answer before the buzzer sounded.

“He would take off his cape to… go to a charity function,” she laughed. Stumped, Steve Harvey asked Mandi to clarify what she meant.

Then, he asked the producers if they got her answer because “I have no idea what she’s talking about,” he said. Knowing she likely messed up, Mandi said, “Show us the X.”

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
YouTube/Family Feud

Believe it or not, that answer wound up being a good one. Her answer was on the board. For five points, the answer “Dress as Clark Kent” was uncovered.

After standing there for a moment, shocked, Steve Harvey complained, “This is the most ridiculous game on television.” Fans took to the comment section to express their shock as well. 

“Hey, you gotta respect the accidental wins,” one Instagram user wrote. “That WAS NOT the answer she had in mind,” another person commented. A third joked, “I knew what she meant.” A fourth exclaimed, “This show though.”

Family Feud Answers Have Gotten Pretty Ridiculous

Of course, this isn’t the first time Steve Harvey has been absolutely baffled by a contestant’s answer to one of his questions. Recently, fans were up in arms about the answers being so risque.

Many of the contestants seemed to have their minds in the gutter when coming up with answers to the survey questions, which had fans reminding everyone that it was supposed to be a “family show.” Others said that the answers have just become nasty.

There are times when Steve Harvey can’t help himself from reacting to the answers on Family Feud too. Not long ago, he called a contestant “stupid” for his insensitive answer.

Steve Harvey - YouTube, Family Feud
YouTube/Family Feud

In another Instagram clip, Steve asked the contestants, “name something you would never do again if your wife didn’t force you to.” One of the contestants, Kyle, hit the buzzer quickly.

His answer was, “Get married.” The audience and Steve Harvey were stunned by Kyle’s answer, especially knowing that his wife was standing right next to him.

Kyle’s wife Carla hollered, “I did not force him to get married.” Steve Harvey quickly responded to her, “It’s okay Carla.”

Turning back to Kyle, Steve asked, “You can’t believe how stupid you are?” While his answer was on the board, Carla didn’t welcome Kyle back to their side warmly.

You can watch clips of Family Feud on social media. A new episode airs on weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for times.

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