‘Family Feud’ Fans Slam Show For Not Being Family Friendly

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud

There have been several times in recent history that Family Feud viewers were left shocked by a contestant’s answers. More people in the show are comfortable sharing NSFW answers to the survey questions, even though they aren’t likely to be on the board. Now, fans are speaking up about how “gross” Family Feud has gotten. Keep reading to see why they’re fed up with the show’s content.

Dirty Answers ‘End’ Steve Harvey

Family Feud recently shared a clip from the show on social media. In it, Steve Harvey can be seen making fun of two contestants after they seemed embarrassed about their answers. “Dirty answers END Steve Harvey,” the Instagram caption to the clip read.

One contestant, Pastor Warrick, whispered his answer to the show’s host, with Steve leaning in to hear what he was saying.

The game show host can be seen preparing himself for yet another crazy response. He hesitated before asking, “Name something you stuck your finger in more times than you can count.”

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
YouTube/Family Feud

Pastor Warrick covered up the microphone, ready to whisper his answer to Steve Harvey. “Sexual stuff,” he said in a hushed tone.

Steve stepped away with his eyes wide, laughing. Then he took a walk across the stage to collect himself before seeing if the answer was on the board. As he walked away, the contestant turned away from the podium, looking ashamed of his response. Looking at the contestant, Steve Harvey admitted that he had a “whole different take” on the survey question.

Not surprisingly, Pastor Warrick’s answer was not on the board. His teammate had an equally stunning answer. Warrick’s teammate John’s answer to the same question was, “Your butt, wiping your butt.” This response wasn’t on the board either, but it left Steve stumbling and laughing.

Family Feud Fans Are Over All The ‘Gross’ Answers

While there are still plenty of people who find these answers hilarious, some Family Feud fans took to the comment section to express how “gross” the show has become.

“Why does the Feud have to be so gross these days,” one person asked. “I thought it was a family show,” another viewer complained. “If they took out the trashy parts it would be even more popular,” a third fan chimed in. “Bunch of dirty minds up there,” another person commented. Several others said that the show would be greatly improved without these kinds of responses.

The very next day, Family Feud shared another clip from the show where Steve Harvey was left speechless by the contestant’s answer. The host asked, “We asked one hundred women [to] name a reason you might turn down a date with a gorgeous guy.”


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Sam, a player on the show, answered, “She’s on her [menstrual] cycle.” Steve looked absolutely shocked, but the contestant insisted that it was a good answer.

“Sam, it’s a simple question,” the Family Feud host said. Steve pointed out that they would likely only be going out to eat on a first date. Slapping Sam on the shoulder, he yelled, “People eat on their cycles every day!”

What do you think about the recent NSFW responses on Family Feud? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Family Feud is definitely not a family show!! They should at least rate it PG 13. It can be downright nasty! I felt sorry for that pastor 😖

  2. Steve always makes me laugh & I love him, but my 14 year old grandaughter watches with me every night & she’s always asking me about about the inappropriate answers & some of them I just tell her it’s adult stuff. should I have to do that on a family show ?

  3. The show has gotten to the point where it is who can come up with the grossest and sexist answer just to get a laugh. I have just about quit watching the show. I also think that Steve caters way to much to the black contestants on the show. This is just an honest opinion. I love Steve Harvey, but this Show is going straight downhill.

  4. I have stopped watching for the same reason. They need to tell contestants to not use sexual answers. That would stop all the dirty, embarrassing answers. They seem to be going for shock value instead of family friendly funny answers. Not good.

  5. I was wondering when someone would finally speak up, since I was too embarrassed to do so, and I am far from a prude – there’s a time and a place for everything !!! I would love to go back to watching the show again.
    The sweet show of yesteryear has turned from “G” rated (good for the whole family to watch) to an “X” rated show.
    Steve Harvey, and/or the people behind the scenes, should be ashamed of themselves. I’m sure they all have kids and grandkids in their lives.
    He acts shocked when he hears a dirty reply, but the questions the contestants get only require filthy answers.
    He makes fun of people who don’t pronounce words correctly, yet he isn’t too bright himself, not always knowing what some of the answers mean.
    Yes, he is a funny man, but should be doing only stand-up, where he can be as filthy as he wants to be. It is shameful what Family Feud has become.
    Time for a new host, and getting the show back to where it used to be.
    [email protected]

    1. Good grief!!! Steve Harvey is a GREAT host!!!!
      And that is what it is………Steve is the host, not the Producer, not the owner,!! He asks the questions AS THE HOST, he doesn’t have control over what the people say!!! Who ever does rehearsal should give the contestants the rules of what not to say. Steve has nothing to do with that!!

  6. I find it funny how it appears (“appears” is the operative word) that people are just now complaining about this. This has been going on for the better part of a decade. I quit watching Feud three seasons into Steve’s run, not necessarily because of Steve himself, but partly because of this direction the show has taken. The way the show has been produced over the last decade or so, it’s just not fun to watch anymore. The whole dirty jokes mess is the main reason why the show lacks any natural flow of spontaneity. So until the producers understand that, which I know they won’t, there’s no point in watching it anymore or in the future, if ever again. At least not to me.

  7. Sad, but true. The producers are guilty, and Steve Harvey, as humorous as he can be sometimes, is not devoid of guilt. But the show is very popular, so anything for a buck. Unfortunately, these answers are just a reflection of society at large. The sometimes vulgar responses are often reflected on the answer board. If contestants are unnecessarily vulgar just for the sake of shock value, they’re risking losing the game and the chance at greater money. Not smart. The only way to affect change is to keep commenting and stop watching.

  8. if people don’t like what they see then they shouldn’t watch it none of the answers and Steve Harvey’s reaction is what makes the show he plays into it but it’s the people who compete that say the answers not Steve Harvey so don’t blame him right away you want to change the format and make it a Bible class you don’t like it don’t look at it it didn’t last all these years for nothing what do you want to change next Price is Right

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