‘Bachelor’ Alum Salley Carson To Join ‘Southern Charm’ Season 10

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The Bachelor alum Salley Carson will be joining the cast for Season 10 of Southern Charm. Carson is known for her dramatic exit from The Bachelor during Clayton Echard’s season. Later, she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, but she left that show surrounded by drama too. So, what is in store for Salley Carson on Southern Charm? Continue reading to find out.

Salley Carson’s Previous Appearances On TV

Carson first made her mark on The Bachelor during Clayton Echard’s season. She became the first woman to leave before the first night, claiming she didn’t feel like it was the right time for her to be looking for love. The Bachelor alum shared that she recently called things off with her ex-fiance and she was not ready to move on.

Clayton Echard did what he could at the time to try and keep her from leaving the show. He offered her a rose, but she turned it down.

“Part of me is being pulled home but I didn’t want to fully come to that decision until I met you,” she told Echard at the time. “And you’re really good-looking. I’ve heard nothing but great things about you. I feel weird being here the weekend of my wedding.”

Salley Carson - YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC
YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC

She continued, “I want to accept that rose. My heart is just not in the place where I can. And I feel so bad about that. My heart is just not ready.”

Then, she went on to Bachelor in Paradise and Salley Carson didn’t last long there either. She told the show’s host Jesse Palmer that she arrived late in Mexico to “take care of some things with work.” However, others on the reality TV show thought that Carson may have been hanging out with her ex.

Eventually, Carson admitted that she was talking to her ex-fiance right before she landed in Mexico for BiP. Ultimately, she decided that she would leave “out of respect” for him. “I’m too real for this s***,” she said at the time.

Then, she appeared on Southern Hospitality where the reality TV star still was not able to find love. Initially, she hit it off with Joe Bradley on the show, but she got caught in a lie about kissing TJ Dinch’s roommate Gaston. Her and Joe Bradley didn’t wind up working out.

Southern Charm Season 10 Welcomes Salley Carson

Now, Salley Carson is headed to Southern Charm. Given her previous stints on television, viewers can’t help but wonder what this appearance might look like.

Carson recently moved back to her home state of South Carolina. In March 2022, she posted a snapshot of herself and captioned the post, “Happy to be calling SC home again.” Then, earlier this year, she shared with fans that she bought her first home.

Salley Carson - Instagram
Instagram/Salley Carson

“Officially a Charleston homeowner!!!” Salley Carson shared on Instagram. “A BIG thank you to @laurenskoogrealtor for finding me this BEAUTIFUL home and making the process so simple. Who wants to come to my pool!!!??”

Her return to Charleston comes just in time for her to be cast on Southern Charm. Season 9 of the show followed the fallout between Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers. Shep Rose is hopeful that picking up filming for Season 10, plus adding in new faces, will help mend some of the relationships among the cast. Only time will tell.

You can stream Seasons 1-9 of Southern Charm on Peacock.

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