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‘The Bachelor’ Clayton Echard Reveals Thoughts On Salley Carson’s Exit

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Another first happened on The Bachelor Monday night. One contestant was allowed to go meet Clayton Echard before the first-night introductions. She was having second thoughts about being there because her engagement had recently ended. Now that the show has aired, Clayton is speaking out about what he really thinks of Salley leaving.

The Bachelor Clayton Echard shares thoughts on Salley Carson’s exit

US Weekly shared what Clayton Echard had to say about Salley Carson’s exit. Many fans saw her exit as a red flag. However, Clayton didn’t see it that way. It didn’t turn out the way he wanted and she rejected his rose but he doesn’t regret a thing. He doesn’t have second thoughts about offering her the rose even though she was still very upset and wanted to leave.

Salley told Clayton that she was supposed to have been getting married the weekend of September 26. She clearly wasn’t as over her fiance as she thought she was. They hadn’t been broken up long as she was having a bachelorette party in Mexico in mid-August.

Clayton said, “I think she followed her heart and did what she thought was best.” He continued, “I mean, that’s a question for her to be like, ‘Do you regret that decision?’ I don’t know, but I think in that moment, she felt that was the right way to go about it. To say, ‘Hey, listen, I’m not fully invested or mentally, I’m not here 100 percent, so I have to walk away.’ I respected her decision.”

Why did he offer her a rose?

What else did Clayton have to say? He said, “Why did I offer her a rose after, like, she spills the beans and says, ‘I was supposed to get married today, I was previously engaged,’ I didn’t see that as a red flag.” Clayton also said that while viewers saw a short conversation in actuality they talked for more than an hour.

He believes her coming to see him was to get clarification if she wanted to stay or go. Clayton doesn’t think she was fully decided until had the opportunity to speak to him.

He also shared why he offered her a rose. Clayton said he thought if she felt more relaxed she may be able to get past her feelings. In the end, it didn’t matter and she chose to leave.

Will Salley return?

The big question after the premiere was if Salley will make a return to The Bachelor. Clayton was asked if she comes back. He teased fans a little but remained tight-lipped as to what’s to come. He said he’s been trained well. Clayton said, “That’s the big question I’ve heard multiple times today.” He continued, “And as far as whether or not she comes back, what I’m gonna say is everyone’s have to wait to tune in.”

It’s not known whether she does return or not. However, it seems a return is unlikely.

What did you think of Salley showing up before night one then leaving?




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