‘Southern Charm’ Craig Conover Talks Season 10 Hopes & Shakeups

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Southern Charm star Craig Conover is talking all about the Season 10 shakeups as well as his hopes for what’s to come. There are said to be some cast changes and a few people exited Season 9 on shaky ground. So, what does Craig want when they come back? Keep reading for more details.

Southern Charm Craig Conover Talks Season 10 Hopes & Shakeups

Season 9 of Southern Charm was all about Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll. They kissed one night which their exes Olivia Flowers and Shep Rose had no idea about. When it came out, it was a disaster and they could not be trusted. Austen was easier to forgive for some reason but Taylor was another story. By the time the reunion came around, Olivia was still angry so Taylor threw her under the bus. She revealed that Olivia had hooked up with Thomas Ravenel back in the day. Now, it is alleged that Olivia won’t be returning but Craig Conover will.

Craig Conover-Instagram
Craig Conover-Instagram

His core storyline has been his pillow line, Sewing Down South as well as his relationship with Summer House star, Paige DeSorbo. He wants her to move to Charleston but she refuses. Fans think that they will split up but time will tell on that one. Now, he is opening up about what is to come with Season 10 and what his expectations are. According to Reality Blurb!, Craig is ready to reunite with Shep. As of the reunion, Shep shared that he had an alcohol problem.

Shep Rose-Instagram
Shep Rose-Instagram

Though he had no intentions of going to rehab, he did head to a retreat so this is one relationship worth working on.

“If we come back, we’ve got a ton to share. I think the boys are in an interesting spot, especially me and Shep [Rose]. [There’s] not enough time in an episode. Shep and I — we’ve kept things surface level [since the reunion]. We go to the gym at the same time and we see each other, but I think that’s a big conversation [to continue on the show]. Asking, ‘How was his trip to Costa Rica? What did he take from it and how is he living his life now?’ We haven’t had that conversation yet. So if we come back, I think it’s gonna be something that I’m excited to get off my chest. I’m excited to have a friendship with Shep again.”

Yes, Craig Conover kept saying “if” but that is only because Bravo has not officially confirmed Season 10. However, it was co-star Madison LeCroy who shared that the show was coming back and that she was hosting the first party.

The Departed

As of now, it has been reported that Olivia Flowers, Leva Bonaparte, and Rod Razavi will not be back for another season. Instead, three newcomers will take over but Craig Conover is hopeful that Olivia is not exiting Southern Charm. He shared that he loves having her on the show although that may not be the general consensus. Craig knows Austen Kroll and Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas bicker over her but he would be sad if she were gone. Now, what can viewers expect for Craig’s 10th season? He said they’ll see his genuine romance with Paige and more of Sewing Down South.

“After 10 years, fortunately, [I’m] going into this new era in my life. I don’t really drink anymore — I still have drinks — but what does that look like for me now? Does Charleston still fit? Does my friend group still fit? All things that I’m excited to explore but I think people would be excited to keep watching.”

Are you looking forward to more Craig and Southern Charm or are you over the show? Would you also like to see Olivia return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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