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The REAL Events Involving ‘BIP’ Salley Carson Drama

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Salley Carson has been a huge topic of discussion on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, she was also a huge topic of discussion during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. During The Bachelor, Salley didn’t even make it to night one. She had recently ended her engagement and decided she wasn’t ready. For this season of BIP, Salley’s suitcase and absence became a huge story told by Wells Adams. However, according to Reality Steve, the story was widely exaggerated. What really went down with Salley Carson?

Salley Carson and the crazy story behind her suitcase

Wells Adams had quite the tale to tell about Salley Carson on Bachelor in Paradise. However, the story was very far-fetched in many ways and Reality Steve spilled the tea about what actually went down. First of all, she did not have explosive diarrhea.

Parts of the story Wells told are true and did happen. Salley did have a producer come to her house and she told them she couldn’t go to Paradise yet. She wanted to stop by and talk to her ex-fiance before she would agree to go.

Wells’s story indicated that Salley didn’t want her ex to see the producer and hid her in the trunk. It was also indicated this took four hours. This did not happen. Salley did want to talk to her ex. However, she was only there for ten minutes and it was not because she wanted to get back together with him. It turns out Salley and her ex work together.

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At the airport, the bags were checked and Salley got a phone call. Everyone believed based on Wells’s story that she was talking to her ex. However, according to Reality Steve, the phone call was work-related and there was nobody who knew how to handle the issue that popped up.

Salley’s bags had been checked. Upon arrival in Mexico, the producer grabbed one of Salley’s bags. So, this is one reason she did get on a plane. She wanted her bag back. However, the bag that viewers saw labeled as Salley’s bag was not really Salley’s bag. She did not pack these crazy things for Mexico. There were no vibrators or waffle makers in Salley’s luggage.

What happened next….

When Salley did finally get to Mexico, her stay was short just as on The Bachelor. She wanted to see Justin Glaze whom she did reportedly have a connection at Stagecoach.

So, Salley went to talk to Justin. However, Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Anksey stepped in to cause some more drama. Genevieve said, “She still sees her ex. She saw him right before she came here. She’s FaceTiming him at the airport crying. She just lies, lies lies.”

Shanae said, “Salley is a liar. I don’t think she’s ready for a relationship and I just don’t trust her.”

They confronted her and Salley explained they work together and she also felt she owed him a conversation before joining BIP.

She wasn’t believed by Genevieve and Shanae so she got mad. Salley said, “If anyone here can’t understand that I have respect for the guy that I was with before this, then I’m out. It is what it is. And that’s exactly why you don’t trust anyone on this f–king beach.”

Justin wanted to comfort Salley but she seemed to have her mind made up. She said, “Dude, like, I cannot be here. I’m too real for this shit.”

She continued, “They asked me if I had a conversation with my ex before I came here. I did. That pisses me off because they know how much I didn’t want my ex’s name or any of that situation brought into this, out of respect for him. So out of respect for him, I wanna leave.”

So, Salley left. It’s doubtful she will try a third time to find love on the show.

What do you think about Wells’s elaborate story about Salley’s delay arriving on the beach?



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