‘Southern Hospitality’ Fans Call For Maddi Reese To Be Fired

Maddi Reese

Fans of Southern Hospitality are calling for Maddi Reese to be fired from the show. She is supposed to be living a sober life and doing well, but fans are not impressed. There has even been some speculation that she might not be sober.

Fans Want Maddi Reese Gone

In a recent Reddit post, the viewers of Southern Hospitality are talking about how they want Maddi Reese gone from the show. The original post says that Leva needs to actually watch the show and see how she acts. They feel like Leva might be missing out on some of the stuff going on behind the scenes. If she saw everything, Maddi might be gone.


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The Fans Share Their Thoughts

The fans are sharing their thoughts about Maddi Reese needing to be fired and it seems that a lot of people agree with the original poster. Here is what some of them had to say about it:

  • I can’t stand her either BUT this happened on housewives/VPR with villains (Vicky, Tamera, Jax etc) and then they left & the drama and dynamic energy was gone….VPR got better after a dumpster fire of a season 8 & tepid season 9 but OC never really recovered. Maddie isn’t intelligent enough in her confessionals to be a great villain but she gives us someone to detest and there is potentially some value in that
  • Grace Lilly is the star of the show. Maddi is a hot mess that’s good for tv…. But I’m loving how damn bitter maddi and Joe are…. Like Joe if you wanted to be promoted you should’ve worked harder…. Just another man thinking he deserves the world with no effort. (Don’t come for me Joe is a mopey wee boy right now)
  • Agree with this other than Maddi is deserving the hate this season (I liked her last season). She is extremely erratic, lacks any accountability, blames her friends for trying to tell her what’s up with her cheating bf, and fails to be honest when she screws up at work. Also, I really like Mia (but can see what you mean about coming across a little smug)


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Do you feel like Maddi Reese should be fired from Southern Hospitality? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes on Thursday nights on Bravo.

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