‘Southern Hospitality’: Is Maddi Reese Really Sober?

Maddi Reese

Southern Hospitality star Maddi Reese is sober and not drinking at all. Now, fans are curious if this is really the case or not. Do you think that she isn’t drinking?

Fans Wonder If Maddi Reese Is Sober

Fans of Southern Hospitality have noticed that Maddi Reese is taking shots, but she is supposed to be sober. Is she drinking or is this just a way to join in the fun? She was seen on her story with a shot in her hand. Fans are hoping that she isn’t drinking and people close to her are saying that she is totally sober. Someone close to her said on Reddit “I agree with this comment. I know Maddi personally and she is 100% sober. That was most likely a shot of redbull, soda, oj, etc. Think of all the “shots” bartenders are “taking” with patrons throughout the night. It’s unattainable so most will take shots with things that don’t contain alcohol. Yes it’s a bar, but they’re working and still have to be able to function.”


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Fans Respond To Accusations Maddi Is Drinking

The fans are on Reddit talking about it and many of them think that the Southern Hospitality star is really sober. Here is what some of them had to say about it:

  • I am a bartender. It’s extremely common for sober people to order water shots. Red Bull shots. Ginger ale shots etc. I do it too behind the bar when someone asks me to take a shot with them. It makes them feel included and not like they’re off to the sidelines. Red Bull for energy if they’re out late etc. it’s a way of being involved and feel “normalcy” when you’re abstaining from alcohol so it very well could be that

  • She def does water shots on the show.
  • That much was clear on the show…. she’s not honest about her sobriety.
  • She definitely was drinking a beer in the season finale while Trevor and Joe Bradley confront one another


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Pay attention on the show Southern Hospitality and decide for yourself if you think that Maddi Reese is sober or not.

Do you think that Maddi Reese is sober? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Southern Hospitality on Tuesday nights on Bravo. Check for yourself if you think Maddi is sober or not.

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